04 November, 2015

Review: Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Serum

When you put on different types of makeup products on the skin everyday, extra care must be taken as the skin becomes more delicate and prone towards aging. This is especially when our skin tends to lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It will appear thinner and less firm over time.

And to improve the appearance of aging skin, something that's going to work on the skin's matrix is:

Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Serum (30ml) @ RM126.30

Made in Canada, Indeed Labs is exclusively brought from US to Malaysia by Watsons. And this latest fillume volumising serum is a unique formula of 5 clinically proven peptides designed to fight facial volume loss and:
Restore facial contours 

• Improve skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity 

• Reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles 

• Increase skin’s hydration and stimulate skin renewal 
• Improve the tone and the texture of skin
Product description and direction to use are available on the tube itself.
The best part is, it is great for all skin types!

To my delight, it has a gel-like texture, despite of its concentrated complex formula.

Just a pea-sized amount will be perfect for the entire face and neck.
Remember to use daily, both day and night.

Upon application, I can feel a slight "tightening" sensation on the skin as I massage it upwards, inside out. Fortunately, it does not feel sticky or uncomfortable on the skin. And I can easily apply day/night moisturizer after the serum, as the next step of my daily skincare regime.

If you are seeking for restoration of firmness and elasticitiy, this is probably what you may consider.

All Indeed Labs products are free of parabens, fragrances, colourants, sulfates and not tested on animals. 

Available exclusively at Watsons:
Alamanda, Bandar Utama, Paradigm Mall, KLCC,
and Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid


  1. I like the unusual name... fillume??? And it sounds ideal for people like me who are already combating wrinkles... heheheh

  2. Wow! This looks like a good one.. Cool!~

  3. I prefer some product like this - non greasy and non oily. I think it suits me well

  4. The brand name is cute. Glad to know its not feeling sticky after usage.

  5. I have not try this brand yet. But it looks quite good for anti-aging like firmness restoration.

  6. Sounds pretty cool! I wonder how well it works in the long run :D

  7. talk about instant tightening effect! Lol, want to see your results if you do you use it for about a month :D

  8. I find the name catchy. Never tried this product. Maybe can give it a try soon.

  9. wow! that's great <3 but I must visit Watsons in KL <3 when I am coming down to KL, we meet up okay? :)

  10. Great that it comes in gel-like and not sticky.
    In my age, tightening is most wanted!

  11. Been hearing so much about this brand recently, good product, would like to try it out too for my facial volume :)

  12. Looks good. Been needing to get a serum soon. if only serums are cheaper. lol

  13. i am using this now and i am super in love with it. and I'm going to finish the whole bottle... can't wait to buy another one! :D

  14. tried before similar products. Love that skin tightening, and uplifting feeling :P

  15. This product is great Fish :) Been using this ever since and the improvement that it has made in terms of lifting and firmness is definitely there.

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