13 March, 2016

Calvin Klein ck2 Laser Battle Thrill @ Berjaya Times Square KL

My weekend couldn't be more fun and exciting than joining the Calvin Klein ck2 Laser Battle Thrill event. Held at Laser Battle in Berjaya Times Square, CK had treated us a session of laser tag game with medals and trophies provided for all the winning teams.

You must be wondering, what does the new ck2 perfume have to do with a laser tag arena? Let's take a look at the fragrance bottle, its futuristic design aims to bring us a whole new experience, something young and exciting...

Do you remember the iconic ck one perfume which has been in the market since 20 years ago? Now Calvin Klein is back with something bold, free, diverse and thrilling for the youth, both male and female.

ck2, a scent for #the2ofus, also aims to bring thrills of #the2ofus.

Therefore Laser Battle is the perfect venue for us to enjoy the thrill of life with a huge bunch of good friends! In case you are wondering, it is the single largest laser tag operator across Asia, using the Zone Empire’s products-- the best laser tag system that money can buy! Its outlet is not only in Berjaya Times Square, KL, but also in other malls:
City Square, JB
Queensbay Mall, Penang
Ipoh Parade, Perak

Meet my group mates of the day! We were split into a group of 5, each equipped with a phaser and battle vest which featured bright multi-color lighting that give vibrance to the player when we entered the dark maze arena.

Our mission was to shoot the "base" of our opponent, and protect our team from being shot by others. It was a team game, so we divided our roles as defenders and attackers.

The laser tag arena has a maze structure with electrifying music and spotlights in it.
And we were briefly walked through the whole place before we began the battle.

It was my first time using a laser gun, but luckily it was easy to use and not too heavy.

Locker was provided to store my stuff, located just next to the entrance of the arena.

Are you ready for the battle?

We, the Orange team was first set to compete with the Yellow team for a 10-minutes battle. Victory was on our side, hence we went into the second round to compete with another winning team for the grand prize. 2 full sessions of 10-minutes each sound simple, but honestly it was not easy at all! 

From setting our strategy to attacking and defending, it all took a lot of sweats out of us. Inside the arena, it indeed made me felt very nervous during the battle and my heart was beating so quickly! Personally, it was a better experience than playing paintball :) Highly recommended for corporate team-building events.

Nevertheless, the overall event was pretty fun and challenging.
The best part was that we made it to the First Runner-up of the tournament.
Cheers for the team!

2nd. "Not too bad" huh?

It marks my first experience in laser war game with this awesome bunch of people, so it didn't matter which team won, as long as we had plenty of laughters throughout the game. 

Thank you Calvin Klein for bringing us a session full of adrenaline rush.
Wanna enjoy the thrill? Try ck2 Eau De Toilette Spray!
Now available globally: 50ml at RM219 / 100ml at RM289.

ck2 launch will be happening from 21 March to 27 March 2016 at Mid Valley Center Court.
Feel free to drop by, enjoy the fabulous deals and have an exclusive experience with ck2!


  1. This really gives me memories...

    My first eau was ck be. This was 1995 I think and that just came out and I loved the scent. I fell in love with ck too and got a ck one which was red in color from Myers while I was studying in Australia. That was a Christmas limited edition for Myers only and lots of people asked me to get one for them.

    The memories...and now, almost 20 years later, there's ck2! :)

  2. your first laser tag? it's enjoyable right, way better than paintball!

  3. great that you have spent a great time during the event. My bro tried the perfume as well on their roadshow, he said it gives an amazing scent. i gonna check them out soon.

  4. Wah, so fun! I haven't been to any laser tag games. :P

  5. wah that's like a fun event. and their perfume is cool too

  6. Congratz you have 2nd place, not bad! Laser tag really very fun, i try it once in Pg.

  7. It was a fun day out with you all last sunday at the laser battle.

  8. Ah, same company as the one in Ipoh Parade. I've not been there before but always walk past.

  9. I am not a perfume person, but laser tag is a game that I would try :)

  10. Never tried laser tag before.. I want to try it someday and I do enjoy CK perfume...want to go check it out lah

  11. Whoa! thats a fun way to launch. Laser Tag huh? Sweeties you are awesome to get 2nd. I love CK

  12. I loe how pretty the bottle is! :D Now im wondering how nice the scent it

  13. that's creative event, it's perfume brand but they made laser game

  14. i've tried laser before and yes it is a fun event indeed as corporate team building! congrats for being the first runner up. p/s: i like your outfit!

  15. looks fun n a nice event there! didnt heard abt laser tag before also, nice sharing :)

  16. Ooh really nice! Too bad I couldn't make it that day. It sure looks like tons of fun :) Have to check out the fragrance too

  17. My friends and I love this game laser tag! :D Your team are lucky to get the medals and CK brand so wow. Their launch event are great. Thumb up! :)

  18. this looks like so much fun! 2nd isn't too bad at all

  19. You look gaya with the laser equipment. Will jio my friends go together someday in the near future. :)

  20. I never try Laser Battle before! This really cool gotta try to play with friends next time! The CK2 bottle looks really elegant and prettyy!!

  21. Laser Tag battle looks much better than Paintball..You seem to have loads of fun. Great!

  22. Laser battle looks so cool to enjoy with family. Their new transparent bottle looks so classy.

  23. got 2nd? not bad at all. looks like a lot of fun, then can spray ck2 after sweating all

  24. U sure do look like u tons of fun! Hehe I can't wait to bring my kids over when they're a lil bit older

  25. Looks like a whole lot of fun! Love the ck packaging too

  26. I saw this event and found it so fun. Wish I was at the event.


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