12 March, 2016

All You Can Eat Dim Sum Buffet @ Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC

My lunch affair at Tai Zi Heen this round is all about dim sum! Yes, I am here for my favourite Cantonese dim sum because it is currently having a promotion: All You Can Eat Dim Sum at only RM50 NETT per person.

Just flash the e-voucher below (Show them my blog page) to enjoy this special price!
One voucher per person only.

Available on weekends and public holidays.'
From 11.30am to 2.30pm.
Advanced booking is required.
Promotion ends on 30 April 2016.

Don't forget to call 03-2170 8888 ext 8200 for reservations ya!

On the buffet dim sum menu, there are 45 items in total-- You can find all the dim sum favourites here be it steamed, fried or baked dim sum as well as congee, rice rolls, desserts and wok-fried items. Honestly, I can't possibly try all the 45 types of dim sum, but I manage to pick some of the more popular ones from the menu. 

Steamed Bamboo Charcoal Buns with Salted Egg Yolk Custard

We begin with the steamed dim sum selections that include dumplings, buns, glutinous rice, meatballs and bean curd rolls. But first timers must try the steamed custard buns with the steaming hot golden lava that oozes out and exudes strong buttery aroma.

Love the melt-in-the-mouth sensation with savoury sandy custard filling amidst the soft, fluffy buns!

Crystal Dumplings Filled with Dried Sole (Har Gao)

Personally, I am a huge fan of Har Gao and the prawn dumplings here never disappoint. Crunchy and fresh, it burst into juicy goodness on the first bite. If you prefer something spicy, then the Szechuan-style dumpling is equally worth trying.

Shrimp and Chicken Dumplings with Szechuan Soy Chilli Dressing

Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings filled with Mushrooms (Siew Mai)

I don't usually take Siew Mai because some put overly minced meat in it. But those served at Pullman are quite different. Generously served with chopped mushrooms, crunchy shrimp and chicken, the texture is extraordinarily good; So crunchy and sweet without being mushy.

Pearl Grouper Rolls in Lobster Broth

One of the more premium items from the list is the hand-crafted grouper fish rolls bathed in the oceanic sweet lobster broth. Totally luscious and stomach-comforting upon every bite. 

Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls with Cheddar Cheese and Shrimp

If you prefer something crispy, then the cheesy shrimp rolls and kataifi pastry-wrapped prawn rolls are equally good to get you hooked and crave for a second helping. Both are delicious when served piping hot from the kitchen, without being greasy at all.

Crispy Kataifi Wrapped Prawn Rolls

Deep-fried Crispy Yam Puffs with Barbecued Chicken and Mushrooms

A non-seafood option that offers equal crunchiness on the outside, with sweet savoury BBQ filling.


Fragrant Oven-baked Mini Egg Custard Tarts

For the baked items, it takes about 20 minutes for baking. But I always believe that good stuff is worth the wait. True indeed, the egg tarts here are so heavenly! The tart crust is warm and tender while the silky smooth, lightly sweet custard literally melts in the mouth with strong eggy aroma. Highly recommended! 

Hot Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seeds

Lastly, there is always room for desserts especially when the thick, creamy red bean soup is paired with the aromatic osmanthus jelly to perfect the meal. Cooling desserts such as honeydew sago, iced sea coconut and Chinese herbal jelly are also available too. I will save these items for my next visit. 

Wolfberry Osmanthus Jelly

1. An ideal place to enjoy your weekend with family and friends while feasting on unlimited dim sum in the cosy and posh dining room.
2. A buffet brunch of RM50 is totally worth the value for money, given the high quality of hand-crafted dim sum and wide selection.
3. Recommended: Egg Tarts, Charcoal Buns with Salted Egg Yolk Custard, Wolfberry Osmanthus Jelly

Tai Zi Heen (太子轩)
Level 2
Pullman KLCC Hotel and Residences
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2170 8888
Email: restaurants@pullman-klcc.com
Instagram: @PullmanKLCC


  1. Steamed Bamboo Charcoal Buns 1st time see this...wanna try la...fish ,ur photo taken look so yummy.And the Wolfberry Osmanthus Jelly is one of my favorite dim sum, which seldom get in Malaysia.

  2. Oh wow the dim sum place looks amazing Fish. The dishes look really good too :)

  3. I love dimsum and this looks so nice and amazing.. I want to go try and indulge myself with these dimsum too

  4. I tried their food before but not the dim sum. The Pearl Grouper Rolls in Lobster Broth is very tempting.


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