26 March, 2016

Coffee Affair with Matcha CaramelCrisp Popcorn

Coffee has been part and parcel of my life. For those who can't live without coffee, high five! I guess that's why you are here, all ready to indulge in a coffee affair with me and curious about the little surprise added into my luxurious brew.

They say coffee is a warm delicious drug that makes everything feels better. Well, I am not sure how true is that, but one thing I am certain is that coffee definitely makes Garrett Popcorn tastes better. Wait...or should it be the other way around? 

Green Garrett Popcorn? Nope, it is neither seaweed nor wasabi flavor. Garrett Popcorn, the renowned popcorn label from Chicago, USA has recently added an interesting twist to its hugely popular flavour, CaramelCrisp, by infusing the refreshing flavour of Green Tea into it, hence creating a wholesome new limited time flavour: Matcha CaramelCrisp, coated evenly with golden green hue.

If you have tried Garrett Popcorn in other flavours such as CheeseCorn, Macadamia CaramelCrisp and Almond CaramelCrisp, I am sure that you know Garrett has never compromised in terms of quality. Similarly, the new green tea flavour is nothing artificial but is deliciously crafted using the high quality harada matcha from Shizuoko prefecture, Japan.

Some who have been to Japan may know that Shizuoka is an area famous for green tea plantations, hence the "Aki Matcha" (green powdered tea) or "Hiki Cha" there has fresh and strong green tea aroma, taste, mouthfeel and color.

In fact, the Matcha CaramelCrisp flavour has been well-received by the Japanese. It balances out the sweetness of the original CaramelCrisp flavor without overpowering it. 

What's more interesting about it is that, I realize it goes along very well with my cuppa, be it a dark bitter coffee or a foamy milk coffee. When both the aroma of coffee and green tea meet, it exudes a sweeter and less acidic flavour on the nose.

I even try soaking the popcorn into the freshly-brewed coffee for a couple of seconds to absorb the bitter concoction. To my surprise, the synchronization of flavours works! Smooth, sweet and bitter, all come at once; Definitely a warm comforting treat for both young and old.

Good things are meant to be shared, especially with the loved ones. Munching on the crispy popcorn while we keep our conversations going, I seriously didn't realize I have finished a large portion of the popcorn in my 1Gallon Tin!

Be warned: Once hooked, it is difficult to resist those green tea caramel goodness, so eat at your own risk! 

Whenever you are at home or in the office, a simple cup of coffee and a bag full of 
Garrett Popcorn's Matcha CaramelCrisp can be an indulgent midday treat to reward yourself or
perfect as a family snack during the evening TV hours.

Let's enjoy our #GarrettTogether moments with family and friends! 
(But please don't fight for the whole 1Gallon Tins with me!)

Garrett Matcha CaramelCrisp Popcorn is available in the following:
Bags (Small, Medium, Large) from RM17.00 to RM29.00
Tins (Quart, 1Gallon) from RM40.00 to RM110.00

If you are one of those who will never miss any latest green tea desserts in town,
then you should really check this out!

Only limited batches of Matcha CaramelCrisp are available each day
from 16 March to 10 April 2016 across all Garrett Popcorn Shops in Malaysia: 

Mid Valley Megamall: Lot G001-B, Ground Floor (opposite Starbucks)
Suria KLCC: Lot C15I, Concourse Floor (near Maybank)
1 Utama Shopping Centre: Lot G139B, Ground Floor
KLIA2: L2-112, Level 2, gateway@klia2

For more information, kindly visit the website: www.garrettpopcorn.my
Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for more updates: fb.com/GarrettPopcornMY


  1. Very good idea. Love the combinations.


  2. i want to try this leh...oh nom nom...

  3. Looks like a great combination between macha and caramel crisp. Will get it at 1U this weekend.

  4. matcha is my favourite.. I'm drooling now after seeing this post! Will go and buy on this week :D

  5. Om nom nom.. love Garrett's popcorn and this look tempting I want to try it for sure...

  6. COOLS! Now we have matcha popcorn! :D

  7. Wow, delicious? I will try matcha Popcorn! :D

  8. so nice! Love popcorn but their's is extremely expensive lol

  9. time to try new things and I loved all things matcha :D

  10. I love Garrett Popcorn, will try out this new flavor, hopefully it suits my taste buds :)

  11. Haven't tried to combine it with my favourite latte but will do so after reading your post


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