27 March, 2016

Review: ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream, Aqua White Emulsion, Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask

Recently I notice significant changes on my skin after those late nights of working. I feel really sorry for the skin, but thanks to Acacia Malaysia for introducing something good to repair my current condition. It's Acacia's signature products-- Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream and Aqua White Emulsion.

Formulated in Belgium, Acacia skincare series combines the best of both worlds--
The goodness of plants and the innovative technology to bring the best out of it. 

ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream (竹炭美白活气泡泡霜) @ RM160

To me, cleansing is the most important first step in my skincare regime. Without a thoroughly cleansed skin, it is unable to absorb the nutrients that follow. I have seen various charcoal-infused skincare, but why exactly is charcoal used in the beauty formula?

Then I realise Charcoal is highly effective in absorbing impurities deeply and re-energising skin. Plus, the anti-oxidant properties from Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E help to "wake up" the skin, protect skin against UV damage and get rid of free radicals. 

Each pump of the charcoal cream turns into bubbles immediately once exposed to the air. The tiny bubbles are able to: 

    ❤ Cleanse and remove dirts deep from the pores
    ❤ Repair damaged skin cells
    ❤ Reenergize and promote youthful skin
    ❤ Smoothen and whiten skin naturally
    ❤ Soften and moisturize skin
    ❤ Balance oil levels and capture antioxidants
    ❤ Detoxify and remove dead skin cells

HOW TO USE: Apply after cleansing, gently massage when it turns into grey foam, and rinse thoroughly. 

Using two full pumps for the entire face, I note that the bubble cream oxidizes very quickly, so the massage technique must be done quickly until it turns into grey foam before it dries on the skin. I love how the tiny foam is able to penetrate deep into the pores and thoroughly cleanse through them. 

After rinsing, the skin feels so smooth and soft, free from impurities.
And the best part is, it doesn't bring any tight or uncomfortable sensation on the bare face.

ACACIA Aqua White Emulsion (150ml) (嫩白保湿乳液) @ RM160

After cleansing and toning, what comes next is to overcome the dull and dry skin issues. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin type, I am sure many of us can't get away with the dull skin tone issue due to our tropical climate. The key benefits include:

    ❤ Whiten and repair skin
    ❤ Moisturize skin for up to 1000 times and lock in moisture
    ❤ Keep the skin supple, soft and glowing
    ❤ Soothe and calm sensitive skin
    ❤ Reduce redness, peeling, swelling and inflammation
    ❤ Reduce stretch marks for pregnant women 

HOW TO USE: Apply twice daily in the morning and evening, and gently massage for the best absorption.

Texture wise, the emulsion feels like a lotion, slightly thick but easy to blend onto the skin. Hence, a small pump is sufficient to give the skin a pleasant whitening protective layer. Scent wise, it smells like the Hazeline Snow cream that I used when I was young. The immediate effect? It leaves the skin softer and plumper.

ACACIA Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask (25g) (深层美白保湿面膜)

Apart from the daily skincare, I believe special weekly care is equally important. Looking at this hydrating mask, it is of thick, good quality and contains generous amount of essence that helps to:

    ❤ Enhance penetration of whitening active ingredients for fairer and healthier complexion 
    ❤ Brighten skin tone and reduce dullness
    ❤ Moisturize skin and promote metabolism
    ❤ Lighten and inhibit melanin effectively 

    ❤ Improve uneven skin tone
HOW TO USE: After cleansing, leave the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

The essence is quite thick and it can become sticky if it is left on the skin too long, so it is advisable to rinse the face after the mask. After drying the skin, it feels smoother and more energized. I think a prolonged use of this mask is able to deliver the brightening and whitening benefits :) 

Overall, my personal favourite is the Charcoal Anti-oxidant Cream--- Highly recommended for those who often apply makeup or have clogged pores / dull complexion issues. 

Anyway, here's a special promotion for you guys!

1 x ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream (竹炭美白活气泡泡霜) @ RM160
1 x ACACIA Aqua White Emulsion (150ml) (嫩白保湿乳液) @ RM160
[FREE] 2 pieces x ACACIA Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask (25g) (深层美白保湿面膜)
+ FREE Postage
@ RM320 

Promo ends on 30 June 2016!

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for purchase or product enquiries.
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