11 March, 2016

Review: Women's Day Gel Manicure Promotion @ Cool Nails, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

Celebrating our International Women's Day last weekend, my babes and I planned for a girl's day out, and the best thing to do together is of course a nail pampering session! We were invited to enjoy the latest RM38 gel manicure promotion at Cool Nails in the neighbourhood of Taman Megah, PJ.

The shop is quite near from Paradigm Mall and can easily be located, although I am not familiar
with that area. Just look up for the purple signage when you pass by the row of shops.

Located on the first floor, stepping into Cool Nails literally brings me to another home-- So cozy and comfy!

Glancing around the nail parlour, I feel that it is well-equipped with different nail polishes, tools and accessories with two tables for manicure on one side, and comfortable seats for foot spa on the other side. Looks super homey right? 

The nail salon is pretty spacious, and you'll see plenty of sample nails that they have done in the past.
Be it festive designs or 3D patterns, Cool Nails has almost everything you can possibly imagine!

Speaking of special nail art designs, I think Cool Nails is an expert in this because it has a complete collection of hand-drawn nail extensions displayed in the shop. And the generous lady boss always sends her manicurists to attend nails competition to constantly improve their skills and upgrade their service quality.

Since Cool Nails has started its business since 10 years ago, it has won plenty of prizes from various nail art competitions. For example, the above design is a winning masterpiece for Cosmo Nail competition in 2014.
Apart from joining competitions, it organizes promotions from time to time. This month, you are lucky because you can enjoy a special 3-in-1 package that includes "Manicure + Gel Color + Nail Art" at only RM38! Promotion ends on 31 March 2016. 

RM38 includes:
Base Manicure + Gel Color + 2 Nail Arts

*Nail art designs are limited to the selection as shown above
*Additional fee for extra nail arts drawn on each nail
*Exclude removal

Let's begin the gel manicure session with my manicurist, Peggy!

The first thing she does is to remove my previous gel manicure, with additional charges applied.

After removal, my nails look kinda brittle and unhealthy :( Time to treat them with a good gel protection...

I request for a set of designs that require a lot of drawing skills and I am glad that Peggy's expertise in this does not disappoint me at all! Especially for this "marble-like" design, I love it the most as the manicurist has patiently done it so perfect for me.

Look at my half-done manicure-- Although it is not complete yet, but it already looks very cool and beautiful!

Next is choosing the high-quality Swavorski diamonds to stick on the nail arts.
Thanks to Peggy for helping me to match it with the design to exude a more stylish feel :)

I love those sparkling diamonds that come in different sizes!

Ta-daa! Here's the end result. Suits me much? Haha!

Personally I always prefer something cool and monotonous like this, with a touch of elegance from the gold elements. Definitely a pleasant change from my previous pink sweet type of design.

For the design itself, there is additional RM90 charge on the drawings and diamonds, amounting to RM128 in total. Super worth it right? The normal price for plain gel color is usually RM90, but now it is only RM38, we totally save alot from there!

At the end of our session, we are happy that all of us get what we really want for our manicure. Broken glass design for Elana, sweet pink blossom for Angelica, blue aztec for Jenny and rock chic for myself :)

Thanks to the friendly team from Cool Nails that made us so satisfied with our nails pampering session!
If you don't want to miss this promotion, quickly call them and make your appointment now!

Cool Nails
55A (1st Floor),
(Near to Taman Megah market)
Jalan SS24/8,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 03-7886 3229 / 012-298 8433
WeChat / Whatsapp: +6012-298 8434
Facebook: fb.com/Cool-nails
Instagram: ww
Operation Hours:
Mon, Wed-Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: 10am - 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays


  1. Gorgeous nails! Love it so much.Great promo for woman too. Long time don't go for mani and pedi.

  2. lovely pampering session.i saw a manicurist that i know quite some time ago .nail art is always ladies like.

  3. Love their style. I am impressed by the amount of different hand drawn nail art they have produced. Really talented and beautifully done.

  4. love nice nail art. the price is so cheap, gotta try it out.

  5. look nice n good price also! shared it to my KL frens ady :)

  6. Love the amazing designs on the nails, I am not so adventurous but maybe next time :)

  7. Oh looks so fun and pretty too. Wouldn't mind trying this awesome place out. :)

  8. so amazing and creative these nail art. i imagine my food pics will look awesome when the hand model has these beautiful nails LOL ;-p

  9. fine nail art you have there! would love to try out something new like this. thanks for the sharing

  10. alamak cantik cantik nya semua nails design ! Senan tak nak masak kalau pakai nails ni heee

  11. RM38 for manicure, gel color and nail art is such a good price.

  12. love your nails.. I wish I had nice long nails too but unfortunately my nails are all so short and stunted...

  13. Wow! I have booked my appointment and gonna do it today though :) ha...ha... Wish I am enjoying my beautiful nails soon with Cool Nails :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  14. Beautiful nails and nail art! The salon looks great.

  15. What a way to celebrate International Women's Day. Yup, you deserved the pampering. I like your nail designs.

  16. lovely nails designs.
    The salon looks clean and comfy

  17. Place looks lovely. I should get my nails done soon!

  18. Wah i want! T.T Need to get my nails done too

  19. Love your nail art so much ! And it is quite worth because usually if do gel colour need about rm90.

  20. Woots! So near to my house, I'm definitely heading there this month to enjoy the promo. :D

  21. Looks really worth the price too bad it was quite far from my place =( I love their nail art it was so beautiful!

  22. They're really talented to be able to draw in such detail!

  23. They're really talented to be able to draw in such detail!

  24. Gorgeous nail art and some really good designs all of you have got on nails.

  25. Nice. Love your nail art a lot! Especially for the marble design.

  26. love your nails!! babe, how long does the promotion last ya?

  27. Seriously very pretty designs! Love your nails babe

  28. Nice patterns, and the place looks comfortable for a wonderful pampering session with gal friends :)

  29. the artist's patience to do all that designs on a small surface as the nails, really blows me away. nice nails babe!

  30. So happy with our pretty nails. Hehehe.....

  31. Your nails looks so nice babe, if only i could have nails like that too!

  32. Wow! I have booked my appointment and gonna do it today though :) ha...ha... Wish I am enjoying my beautiful nails soon with Cool Nails


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