31 July, 2016

Build Your Inflatable Zone!

Have you ever thought of building your very own inflatable zone? Well, you can! A\As long as you have enough space around your neighbourhood or business area to accommodate the gigantic sized inflatables, then it is going to be tonnes of fun for everyone!  

I remember the last time I watched people playing Bubble Soccer at a family carnival, it was very interesting as they were "swallowed" into the bubble and eventually fall, battle, roll against each other and then bounce without any risk of injury. 

How nice if we can have this more often during school events, church events, corporate events, youth groups, birthday parties, charity fundraisers or team building events.

Zorb Ball

But I have only tried the zorb ball, among all types of inflatables available in the market nowadays. I'd say it's simple yet fun to play. This human hamster ball is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. It looks similar to the Bubble Soccer but here zorb balls completely "consume" players within the balls whereas people in a bubble soccer suit have their legs sticking out. 

The fun side of it is, you can run and roll as fast as you want, because you're "safe" inside the ball!
Multicolour Water Ball (Click for more: LINK)

Water balls are pretty similar, but they are used in water. I think this is more popular in the country for both children and adults, because of the ease to play. Imagine yourself walking on the water surface while having fun bumping each other with a "bounce" effect. But don't forget to rest and get fresh air after playing for a while ya.  

Another interesting item which I am eyeing on at inflatable-zone.com is the Commercial Inflatable Amusement Park which I usually see at the kids' play centres or entertainment zones. Great for those who are in this line of business.

Inflatable Jump Bag (GET HERE)

The more unusual ones which I don't see it in our country is the jumping bag used during winter as  well as inflatable slide. This huge, cushioned landing pad is meant to catch you. How nice it is for the skiers and snowboarders to try every trick they ever dreamed of without the risk of serious injury due to a hard, icy landing! Wish I could learn some tricks for this too.

In fact, there are tonnes of varieties of inflatables, used on land and in water that you gotta check it
out yourselves. For more information about Inflatable Zone, please visit www.inflatable-zone.com.

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