01 August, 2016

Food and CONNOR'S Stout Porter Pairing @ Chapter One Bar & Bistro, Desa Sri Hartamas

Cheers! My recent visit to Chapter One Bar+Bistro in Desa Sri Hartamas is an absolutely different beer-drinking experience for me because I am trying out CONNOR'S-infused dishes for the first time. The unique thing is, it is a complete CONNOR'S Experience with good food, drinks and return rides all packaged in one amazing deal. 

The CONNOR’S Experience is something new to me, where I get to fully immerse myself in the “Just Made Right” essence of CONNOR’S Stout Porter. My evening is well-spent with:
1. New, delicious CONNOR’S-infused dishes
2. Freshly brewed CONNOR'S Stout Porter
3. Discounted ride (to and fro) using GRAB car

How amazing it is! These items altogether sum up to a perfect evening, where I can let my hair down, and spend hours at Chapter One with the buddies, making it "A Night Made Right" for the CONNOR’S Experience.

Honestly when it comes to drinking, stout beer is not my preference because it seems too creamy, strong and dark for me. But now since CONNOR'S Stout Porter is crafted using an improved formula that is inspired by the original British stout porter, I decide to give it a try. To my delight, the stout is now smoother, easier to drink and more acceptable even for the ladies.

Do you think ladies who drink stouts are cooler? :P

CONNOR'S Stout Porter is one of the most consistent stout that you should try, if you haven’t. Not too rich, not too bitter, it is the only brew that is just made right. It always tastes the same, no matter what batch it came from. Not an easy thing to accomplish among the breweries. But have you tried this stout in your food?

Be it for the sauce or the marinade, stout is an ideal addition to bring out the meaty flavours. Plus, stout is a natural meat tenderizer and the well-balanced flavoured CONNOR'S Stout Porter is a great way to go. The stout not only punctuates the deep flavour of meat well, but it also balances out the complexity of flavours in other ingredients.

This round, let’s double the enjoyment! Really, what is better than pairing your deliciously brewed CONNOR'S Stout Porter with CONNOR'S-infused food items?

CONNOR’S Rib Slab @ RM85.00++ with 2 full pints of CONNOR'S Stout Porter

The first dish to wow us is the communal platter of ribs. The ribs are neither too sticky nor dry for my liking, and come with a great balance of soft bones and juicy meats falling off the bones. The secret? It is the marination using CONNOR'S for 48 hours. When basted with CONNOR'S-infused BBQ sauce, the resulting taste is rich, savoury with a delicious kick of stout!

 BBQ Chicken Thigh @ RM40.00++ with 1 full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter

Similarly, for the grilled chicken dish, it undergoes a painstaking 8-hour CONNOR'S Stout Porter marination before it is ready to be served with some roasted potatoes and homemade spicy vinaigrette dipping sauce. Interestingly, the stout flavour in the chicken is equally prominent, especially on the layer of glazed skin, while the meat inside is moist and more tender than usual.

Take a bite of the meat dipped in the fiery hot sauce, followed by a sip of the CONNOR'S Stout Porter; and you’ll be surprised by its amazing result—The spicy sensation on the palate immediately reduces,

Rib Eye Steak @ RM45.00++ with 1 full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter

For red meat lovers, you gotta try the rib eye served with homemade mash and a refreshing pear and spring onion salad in a lemon ginger dressing. What’s special about this dish is the roasty CONNOR'S-infused BBQ dipping sauce that enhances the charred flavours of meaty goodness. 

How to best enjoy the balance of steak and CONNOR'S Stout Porter flavours? Just cut through the thick, well-cooked rib eye, dip into the intense, richly-flavoured CONNOR'S-infused sauce and then followed by a sip of CONNOR'S Stout Porter. The combination can easily make us lick our plate clean! 

Cracklin’ Chicken Karaage @ RM38.00++ with 1 full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter

If you feel like dropping by for a glass or two while being serenaded by the live band performance in the late evening, then the bar snack is probably the next best companion after CONNOR'S Stout Porter.

Marinated with CONNOR'S Stout Porter for over 8 hours, the crispy golden Japanese-style fried chicken cutlets can easily get us hooked upon the first bite. The tender and moist texture is seriously no joke, how have I not had such delicious chicken karaage before!

This is especially when it is served with the secret sauce-- Sweet, spicy and mildly bitter, yet complements well with the chicken.

The live band performance is available every evening, from 9pm++ onwards.

 These 4 newly-created dishes in the CONNOR'S style are available everyday throughout August 2016,
just come and enjoy everyday from early evening till late!

To complete my CONNOR'S Experience, I am chauffeured by a GrabCar to and from the bar,
hence totally don't need to worry about parking issues and driving at late night after partying.

Remember to not drink and drive. So....use this promo code: GRABCONNORS
to enjoy RM8 discount (max. 4 rides) on your GRAB ride!
    Promo Conditions:
    ○ Valid for new/existing users
    ○ Valid for customers who pay via credit/debit card only
    ○ Valid for Budget Taxi or GrabCar (Economy)
    ○ Valid for ride to/from Chapter One Bar+Bistro
    ○ Each booking receipt will be entitled for one (1) FREE Half Pint of CONNOR’S Stout Porter
       (Just flash your booking receipt to enjoy this reward)

From the perfect pints of CONNOR'S Stout Porter and unique CONNOR'S-infused dishes to getting home safely after a fun night out, it is definitely an amazing deal to enjoy A Night Made Right with my buddies! 

1. Honestly I have not expected “bar food” to be so well-prepared – Taste on point, well-portioned, reasonably priced and most importantly, complements well with stout. Well done, chef!
2. Revisit? Definitely a yes, considering the good ambiance, delicious beer and food, as well as live band performance every evening.
3. Recommended: CONNOR’S Rib Slab and BBQ Chicken Thigh with CONNOR'S Stout Porter 

For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/ConnorsMY

Chapter ONE Bar & Bistro
70, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-6211 7484
Website: www.chapterone.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chapter1bistro
Twitter: @chapter1bistro
Instagram: @chapter1bistro

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 3pm - 1am
Fri: 3pm - 2am
Sat: 11am - 2am
Sun: 9am - 1am

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