20 September, 2016

"ADELE – Her Life And Songs" LIVE in KLPAC!

Good news to share with you, Adele fans! ❤ 

The much-anticipated international award winning musical celebration RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs is here in KL from 21 September to 25 September 2016 their their Asia Premiere! 

I really love her powerful, soulful voice! Through each and every heartfelt song she sings, her voice totally brings the song alive. Organized by Milestone Production, this musical celebration inspired by Adele, is going to take you through the inspiring journey of Adele in her singing career. 

Are you excited? 

Debuting at Brisbane in 2013, Rumour Has It Adele has toured more than a dozen of major cities in Australia and has earned critical reviews as a whole for its humor, musical prowess and the thoughtful and poignant celebration of a woman who is not afraid to expose her deepest emotions to the world. Unabashed to admit that a ‘rubbish relationship’ was what that inspired her , Adele’s life story is the inspiration behind Rumour Has It Adele.

Watch the preview here! 

Behind the production is certainly a lot of hard work in gathering every piece of information of Adele, 
from her very debut album 19 and successful sophomore album 21, to her latest album 25.

The great people behind this production includes Naomi Price, a popular Australian who made her appearance in the fourth season of The Voice, who is also the leading lady for this performance. She is transformed physically into Adele, literally, to deliver her best for the performance.

Sean Ghazi and Ching Eng Shen, during the audition

Well, a performance will not be successful without having a great team. Also participating in this Asia Premiere are 3 Malaysian professional musical backing vocalists, handpicked by a panel of judges consisting of Naomi Price herself, Malaysian and West End London singing sensation Sean Ghazi and experienced music director Ching Eng Shen.

The five-day performance will also be supported by live bands with strings session to give it a full live sound impact to the audience. Are you excited to see how Naomi is going to give us what we want from an Adele show, and also delivering things we would never have expected? I am sure this is going to be fun!  

 [RUMOUR HAS IT] ADELE – Her Life and Songs
Venue: Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
Show Date: 21 Sept - 25 Sept 2016
Ticket Price: RM450 (VVIP) / RM350 (VIP) / RM250 (CAT A) / RM150 (CAT B)

Discounts up to 15% off regular ticket prices are available for ticket buyers.
So, head over to by www.milestone-production.com and grab your ticket now!

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