22 September, 2016

Shop at HERMO But Pay at 7-Eleven? Yes, It Is Possible Now!

Hi! How has September been treating you so far? It’s the time of the month to replenish my beauty essentials, and Hermo is always the online shopping site I go for because of the wide varieties of products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and lots more!

You can refer to my previous blog posts on Hermo for

The reason why I always love shopping at Hermo is mainly because of convenience. All I need is just to pick anything I like, then wait for just a couple of days for the products to arrive. 

All thanks to MOLPay, the leading multi-currency payment gateway in Southeast Asia for bringing convenience to the next level, I am trying out the latest MOLPay CASH payment method to complete my purchase at Hermo.

Well, MOLPay CASH is something new to me too. Here’s how it works:

MOLPay CASH accepts cash payments for online purchases, through physical outlets such as convenience stores and petrol stations. In fact, it has over 40,000 physical payment points in Southeast Asia. For instance, now I can easily pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for the items I bought at Hermo.

Benefits of MOLPay CASH
 Cash only! 60% of Malaysians prefer cash payment
 Easy payment for people without credit card or bank account
 Quicker sales and purchase transactions
❤ Hassle-free! No card problem / online payment failure issues
 Wide network of 7-Eleven for payment
 24-hour payment convenience

How To Use MOLPay CASH Payment Channel When Shopping at Hermo:
I have tried MOLPay CASH method myself and it is really convenient. No credit/debit card details required. Step 1: Just add your favourite items into your shopping cart at Hermo, then proceed to check out.

 Step 2: Choose/ Enter your delivery address with the preferred courier service.
(similar to any normal Hermo purchase transactions)

Step 3Select "Online e-Bankingfor the payment method.

Step 4: There are many options under "Online e-Banking". Then, select "7-Eleven" logo.

Step 5: It will generate a payment request receipt with your transaction ID
and verification code on it (as shown below)

Step 6: Be sure to make your payment within 48 hours at the nearest participating 7-Eleven outlet.

Step 7: Show the staff your Transaction ID and Verification Code from MOLPay CASH
and they will scan the bar code, and complete the transaction.

Don't forget to pay CASH only!

 Step 8: Transaction is completed! The staff will issue 2 receipts in total:
(1) MOLPay Receipt
(2) 7-Eleven Receipt

Simple? In short, shopping at Hermo becomes easier, quicker and hassle-free now.
Just buy online, pay at 7-Eleven, and you're done!

1. MOLPay CASH payment method works very smoothly! I think it is very useful because you can be 100% assured for the safety-- No credit card/ debit card/ banking information is required throughout the process! 
2. It works great especially for people like me who love to do online shopping in the middle of the night (where most online banking systems are on maintenance), and good for those who have no credit/debit card too. 
3. To sum up, it is a cool and convenient payment method for all.

Oh ya, I have a special discount code to share with you guys!

Key in this code: HMOLPAYCASH05 upon checkout to enjoy
RM5 off with minimum RM60 purchase (excluding shipping fee).
*Valid for one-time use per customer
*Valid until 31 December 2016

Keep calm and start shopping at HERMO now! 

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