06 February, 2017

Review: Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion for Smoother, Brighter and More Revitalized Skin

The rightest investment to make for your beauty regime is probably Philips VisaCare. With this, you can do microdermabrasion facials at home anytime, without having to pay hefty prices for such procedures in the clinics. 

Well, I am sure that many would have concerns on microdermabrasion-- Is it painful? Would it thin the skin too much? Is there any side effect? Now let me tell you the truth....

Philips Visacare is great for microdermabrasion and skin resurfacing.

The microdermabrasion technology of Philips VisaCare helps massage and exfoliate at the same time, to stimulate the skin resurfacing process for firmer, smoother and visibly radiant skin. But it will not affect the skin layer too much as it only removes the layer of dead skill cells. 

The device comes with an exfoliating tip and vacuum suction.

How does Philips VisaCare work?
❤ Exfoliating: It does buff away the surface layer of skin as it gently nudges away roughness
and prepares the skin for better absorption of the mask or cream. 
❤ Massaging: It stimulates blood circulation while revitalising the skin. 
This type of skin rejuvenation treatment is useful to address the first signs of aging. 

The set comes with:
❤ Philips VisaCare device
❤ One tip for sensitive skin and one for normal skin
❤ Plug and charging stand
❤ Pouch
❤ Cleaning brush
❤ Instructions manual

How long does it take?
You only need a 5-minute treatment, twice a week only to see visible firmness and more even skin tone within 4-6 weeks. Remember, don't use it everyday because our skin cannot take it.

How to use it?
❤ Use VisaCare after cleansing and before applying a nourishing mask, day cream or night cream.
❤ After use, apply mask / cream and make sure you use sun protection when you go outside.
How does it feel on the skin?
When there is a full skin contact between the tip and the skin, I can feel gentle suctions on the skin. As I move it across different areas of the skin, it feels slightly tingling and warm. After treatment, the treated areas appear red (Totally normal!) but the redness goes off quickly in 10 minutes.

But...do not use it below or above the eyes as the area is thin and delicate. And I wouldn't hold the tip in one spot on the skin, otherwise the skin will become sensitive and red.

How about those with sensitive skin?
Don't worry, you can use it! Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion includes two tips (sensitive and normal) addressing different levels of skin sensitivity.

After the treatment, it allows the skin to have better ability to absorb nutrients into the skin. 
So, using a mask after that would be useful to boost the skin with extra moisture and collagen. 

What is the immediate effect?
I know it sounds miraculous but it really smooths and brightens the skin instantly! 

1. Overall, I love this useful device which I can use in the comfort of my own home, and enjoy the immediate smooth skin result after a quick 5-minute use.
2. The overall experience is similar to  those mirodermabrasion steps during facial treatments, and Philips VisaCare is a cheaper alternative for a similarly great result!
3. Is Philips VisaCare worth an investment? Yes, definitely!

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  1. Totally suitable for clogged pores like me! How much does it cost tho?

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