07 February, 2017

Review: The Face Shop Mini Capsule Face Mask Pack

Hi! ❤ One of my resolutions in 2017 is to have better skin! So, today’s topic is all about Facial M-A-S-K.

I admit sometimes I can have too many cosmetics and skincare products, but I can never complain about having too many masks because it is a daily essential to the skin!

There are plenty of mask types available in the market – Wash off mask, peel off mask, overnight mask, sheet pack, and the list goes on.....but the latest one I bought from The Face Shop store recently is the capsule mask pack in a set of 4.


Have you seen this before? Actually it is my first time using masks in capsule form.
It is a natural wash-off mask pack that contains only 10ml of gel mask per capsule.

The best part is, you don't have to finish the whole capsule in one time. Every capsule can be used up to 2 to 3 times, so just seal the unfinished capsule and store it in the refrigerator to keep its freshness.

Each box comprises of 4 capsules, each in different flavours made of fresh and natural ingredients—Honey, Aloe, Pomegranate and Rice for moisturizing, soothing, resilience lifting and brightening effects respectively.

1. Honey Capsule Mask Pack

❤ Contains 5% Honey Extracts and Panthenol
❤ Nourishes and hydrates the skin
❤ Protects skin against damage
❤ Prevents bacteria growth

The gel has just the right consistency to adhere onto the skin.
Just nicely moisturizing on the skin, without feeling too dilute or overly thick.
Lightly sweet—Wouldn't be overcloying or sticky on the skin.

We all know the goodness of honey—So rich in powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals and reverse aging. Do note that each capsule is not fully filled with the mask content. But it is sufficient to cover 2-3 times of the face area. 

2. Aloe Capsule Mask Pack

❤ Contains 5% Aloe Vera Extract and B-glucan
❤ Hydrates skin for a smoother, softer condition
❤ Calming effect
❤ Powerful anti-bacterial function
❤ Neutralizes skin (Boosts moisture and radiance to dry skin
and decrease sebum secretion to oil skin)

The aloe mask reminds me of The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel which I have used few years ago. It feels extra soothing to the skin, which I find it great for those with redness or acne-prone skin.

The gel has just the right consistency to adhere onto the skin.
Just nicely moisturizing on the skin, without feeling too dilute or overly thick.
The all-natural aloe smells refreshing on the nose.

3. Pomegranate Capsule Mask Pack

❤ Contains Pomegranate, Betaine, Hyaluronic Acid, Natto Gum and Panthenol
❤ Improves skin's elasticity and firmness
❤ Speeds up metabolism
❤ Balances and intensifies moisture
❤ Provides long lasting hydration and radiant complexion
❤ Reduces skin irritation
❤ Rich in antioxidants

The thick cream comes with tiny beads that remind me of exfoliating cream.
Pleasantly thick and evenly spreadable on the skin.
It smells awesome with some "milky and fruity" scent.

4. Rice Capsule Mask Pack

❤ Contains Rice Powder and Hyaluronic Acid
❤ Stimulates keratin turnover and smooths skin
❤ Brightens and moisturizes the skin
❤ Removes dead skin cells

The gel is silky smooth, and contains tiny bits of crushed rice which feels like exfoliator.
I love the gel texture, although not as soothing / cooling as the honey and aloe mask.
It smells like some whitening skincare that I always use. Quite fragrant and natural.


       Step 1. Use a spatula (for hygiene purposes) to scoop out 30%-50% content from the capsule.
       Step 2. Spread evenly onto skin.
       Step 3. Let it rest on the skin for 10-15 minutes.
       Step 4. Rinse off thoroughly.
       Step 5. Store the remaining content of face mask into the fridge for the following use. 
                   (Best to use it on the very next day to ensure its freshness)

After a quick 15-minutes mask pampering, the skin feels softer, less tired and more nourished. 

To me, it feels like a jar of beauty mask being packaged into smaller packs for ease and convenience on-the-go. Now I can just bring the mini capsules for travelling, instead of a bulky jar, and yet able to replenish dry and rough skin with plenty of moisture.

After the first use...
I am surprised that there is a lot more content in the Honey Capsule Mask. Really, don't belittle this small capsule.
Remember to seal it tightly, store in the fridge and use it as soon as possible. 

Aloe Capsule Mask: Transparent gel glides smoothly and reduces redness of the skin. Great for sensitive skin!

Similarly, the Aloe, Pomegranate and Rice Capsule Mask have equally generous amount of content in the capsule, sufficient for 2 ideal uses. Each has different texture and feels differently on the skin. Overall, it works great as a replacement to mask jar. 

Pomegranate Capsule Mask: Thick cream adheres well onto the skin and easy to wash off too.

Rice Capsule Mask: Smooth gel spreads evenly on the skin despite of the added texture of tiny rice dots.

So...which is my favourite?

Overall, these capsules are very lovely. They look so cute (Like edible jams!) and wonderfully filled with beauty goodness. My personal favourite goes to the Honey as it moisturizes my dry skin pretty well, leaving it hydrated and plump. Plus, the light touches of sweetness add pleasure in using this mask. 

Rice Capsule Mask is my No.2 favourite, as I find it very unique with rice bits texture
and the thick gel feels extra comfortable on the skin. Love it! 

1. Overall, I prefer this type of capsule mask to the conventional mask sheet or jar because of its texture on skin and convenience.
2. I appreciate the variety in this deluxe set that targets on various skin needs, but it'd be great if it introduces capsule mask in individual package so that I can get more of my favourite type.
3. Thanks The Face Shop for delivering such good beauty mask pack at a super value price point. It costs less than RM10 per capsule! Great value for money.

Don’t forget to check out The Face Shop’s social media sites for more information!
Website: www.thefaceshop.com.my

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