20 December, 2018

5 Easy Steps To Achieve A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in an eco-friendly environment and made our little planet happy? It’s definitely easier said than done, but why not give it a try! Starting something new may be a bit stressful at first especially if you don’t know where exactly to begin; should I cut off plastic from my life first? Or shall I start with those quick 3-minute showers to save water? Rest assured, you wanting to change is actually the most difficult step. The rest is just a few habits here and there that need getting used to. 

If you want to take baby steps, focus on making smaller changes that can be easily made before taking the slightly more complex ones. With these 5 easy-to-implement steps, you’ll be able to achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle in no time AND save money as well!

1. Changes in Your Coffee Routines!

Get your morning skinny mocha or flat white in a reusable coffee mug. Whether you have your morning coffee at home or from your favorite coffee shop, bring your own reusable coffee mug instead of taking a paper cup every time. In the UK, it’s estimated that 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups are thrown away each year, and those are literally impossible to recycle. If you’re a coffee-at-home lover, we definitely recommend you change your k-cups to the biodegradable ones so that they’re easier to recycle. Find the best biodegradable k-cups on https://ggccoffee.com/biodegradable-k-cups/. Another quick change is saying goodbye to the straw when you get your daily iced coffee.

2. Become a Fashion Icon with Your Own Shopping Bag

Always bring along a reusable bag whether you’re out shopping or out for your daily groceries. If you’re not into bringing along reusable bags, most stores may already offer alternative bags to cut down on plastic too. Canvas bags/reusable bags are a lot more handy than plastic bags so you’re definitely benefiting from them AND helping the environment as well! You can buy a few reusable shopping bags and customize it all you want, you’ll practically be an environmental fashion icon.

3. The 3 R’s: Reduce

The idea behind it is to reduce what is produced and what is consumed so it affects the waste hierarchy. Ask yourself this question if you want to reduce, Is there something else that can be used for this purpose? Here are 3 things that could be reduced:
❤ Print on both sides of the paper
❤ Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins
❤ Avoid any disposable cutlery

4. The 3 R’s: Reuse

Always have a tradition of trying to give anything you want to throw out a second chance. Learning to reuse items or repurpose them in a slightly different use than what they were originally intended to do is very essential for the environment. It would also help you save money as well! Here are 3 things that could be reused over and over again:
❤ Old jars and pots
❤ Newspaper
❤ Old books

 5. The 3 R’s: Recycle

The final step is to recycle. Recycling is to transform something into raw material and shape it into a total new item. However you’ll want to slowly get the hang of what can and can’t be recycled. So that you can carefully choose the products to be recycled and be an efficient recycler. Here are 3 products that could always be recycled:
❤ Non toxic products
❤ Old tyres
❤ Biodegradable/recyclable material products

Live a Greener Life!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of things you could do towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Always know that wanting to change is a great step alone and then take it from there with baby steps, until you’re satisfied with the amount your giving back to our little planet.

Encourage yourself and those around you to interact with the nature around you, interaction with nature itself is always a way to become more eco-conscious in your daily lives. This could also raise awareness to those around you to take a similar path and make their lives a little more eco-friendly as well.

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted.”

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