18 December, 2018

Growing Up: Getting the First Bra

"All we want is a bra that really fits"

When I was younger, I didn't really have much concerns about the hormonal changes or "growing breasts" like my peers. One thing is probably because everything happened naturally and eventually it was just a matter of getting used to having the "blue days" every month. But another thing for sure was, I was way more ignorant and less resourceful as compared to teenagers nowadays.

Back then, I didn't have a chance to Google how to choose a good pair of bra, especially during the puberty period. I didn't have access to online shopping or compare different products like any smart consumers these days. 

Well, I am glad that you girls have been growing up with technology and therefore have more options to choose from. I regretted for not having a proper boob check when I was younger and not realising that choosing a bra with good fit is so important. And getting my first bra was a swift decision made at some neighbourhood shopping mall without much consideration. Please don't do that! 

So, a quick tip for you girls: Don't get too attracted over fancy bra, but look at its functionality, quality and suitability instead. If you are reaching this important age of "growing up", it is good to check out different teen bras online and make comparisons.

For example, Knixteen's teen bra collection looks pretty comfortable, cute and good for all day. I love how it is adjustable and has extra hooks, so it becomes a more versatile piece that suits every size and activity. 

The Mo'ne Bra

Here's one of the interesting pieces that I'd personally think that it would suit the active lifestyle of teens -- with very stretchy yet supportive material, comfortable racerback design, removable padding and moisture-absorbing technology.

When I was younger, my daily routine tended to be packed with more physical activities and this would definitely be a good piece to wear from class to practice. How I'd wish I had something like this to make me feel great 24/7!  

Anyway, whichever type of teen bra or sports bra you prefer,
just make sure you feel confident and comfortable in it!

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