Friday, August 10, 2007

“Kejadian Ngeri”
30 July 2007

Yesterday (30 July 2007), something terribly disgusting had happened in my life. During recess time, someone put a dead gold fish into my bag and this caused my whole bag and stuff stink. The smell was terribly bad but I still did not know there was such a dead fish in my bag until I opened it after recess. I was shocked to see the big (around 10cm) gold fish in my bag and the fish had only one eye with its rotten stomach. I screamed and threw the bag onto the floor. This scared my classmates too and many of them helped to see what happened. They were also shocked to see that stinko in the bag and they helped to clean my bag and threw away that fish. I was shocked til I cried. I felt disgusted too when I saw it. Although I told the discipline teacher, but she said that she could not do anything because I was not physically hurt and I did not know who was the one who put it into my bag. Soon, the Moral exam started and I went back to class to sit for the exam.

As soon as I finished the exam, I went out to investigate bout this case. I found out that the dead gold fish came from the library because the fish had just died and had been taken out from the aquarium by Mr. X. I suspected this Mr. X, hence I asked him what actually happened but he created stories to protect himself. However after investigating over and over, again and again, the person who did this was really Mr. X. Of course I did not tell him that I know that it was him who did all these because I knew that surely he won’t admit it. There is nobody who will admit that he/she did something wrong.

This news spread and spread until the afternoon session pupils also know bout this. And on 31 July 2007 (the next day after this case happened), this Mr. X scolded my friends for spreading rumours that he was the one who put the dead fish into my bag. However, it wasn’t my friends who spread it but he himself told his own friend that he did it and of course his friend told everyone =.=”

Until now, whether this Mr. X is really the one who did this or not, or whether he wanna admit what he had done or not, I don’t wish to bother about this case anymore. And I hope that everyone could let this case sleeps and never mention it anymore. I don’t wish to hear any rumour saying bout this case or Mr. X anymore. Many people told me to take revenge or at least something to punish him but I won’t. We don’t need to say or point out whoever done this because there was a Malay saying that “Siapa yang termakan cili akan terasa pedasnya”. I believe that God will punish this person in his wise way and we, human shall believe in God and we should also mind our own business.
Hari Kokurikulum
28 Julai 2007

Rasanya, hari koko tahun ini adalah lebih awal berbanding dengan tahun lepas iaitu pada 9 Sep 2006. Namun, segala aktiviti adalah berlainan berbanding dengan tahun lalu. Bagi saya pula, saya terpaksa membuka gerai ‘Little Rojak Hut’ untuk projek Pendidikan Sivik bersama ahli-ahli kumpulan yang lain. Pada tahun lepas, saya telah bersuka ria dan bermain sepanjang hari koko dilaksanakan. Saya dapat menangkap ikan bersamanya dan memperoleh sedikit sebanyak keseronokan serta kenangan manis bersamanya. Tetapi pada tahun ini pula saya perlu menjaga gerai, membuat rojak =.=” dan membuat promosi gerai. Saya tidak dapat lagi bermain sepanjang hari dan tidak dapat menghabiskan masa bersama ‘dia’. Dia telah meninggalkan sekolah dan tidak lagi akan pulang untuk sebarang aktiviti sekolah. Barangkali dia agak sibuk dengan kerja-kerjanya. Namun, saya terserempak dengan kawannya dan dia bertanyakan saya tentang hal-hal ‘dia’. Ketika kawan tersebut bertanya, “Bagaimana dengan ‘dia’ sekarang? Dengar kata dia telah melanjutkan pelajaran di XXX ye?” Pada masa tersebut, saya berasa agak hairan kerana kini saya sememangnya tidaklah masih rapat dengannya. Saya cuma mampu tersenyum dan tidak menjawab apa-apa. Dalam hatiku terbisik, segala yang telah berlalu biarlah berlalu, usahlah memikirkan kenangan yang telah dialami bersamanya. Asalkan kami masih berkawan, segalanya telah menjadi lebih baik daripada asal.


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