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10 November, 2008

11 月 10日, 晴


所以就决定了在家里慢慢地整理我的房间 ~~~嗨

现在妈妈说要丢掉它们了 T_T”
我真的很不舍得它们~~ :'(

还有这些♥♥♥我的宝贝。 难道你真的要把它们送去垃圾场吗? T_T

今天花了很多钱回复你的短信。 o.O 不懂为何我明明就知道很危险却还会和你聊天。但我发觉你好像每一分钟都知道我在想什么 @_@" 相反,我一直都不知道你到底是哪一种人。也许我还需要时间,慢慢地了解你。但我想提醒你,你我永远是好朋友,好兄妹。。。

P/S: Idon'tfeellikegoingtoGentinganymoreee T_T"


11 月 9日, 阴

=DD destination of the day = The Mines
I haven’t been there for ages o.O
The place is still the same --- so unfamiliar to me.
I remembered I rode on the small boats when I was small,
And now it just looks better :)

:) How charming it is…

Sis promised me a meal when she got her first salary,
And it was almost half a year ago o.O
Anyway now she had made it :)

Coincidentally, it’s Salmon Fair =DD

♥♥♥ Just right for sushi lovers like us xDD

Cute drinks xDD
I like the red one --- apple juice...
But kinda costly = ="

:) *Him *Making sushi for us…

I finished these up scary

xDD pr0m0ting Sushi King

♥♥♥ All Sushi King merchandise,
upon renewing SuShi King privilege card :)

=DD Soon we entered this shop...
Weeee~ everyone's faves xDD

Trying out a *pink* heels

:) Note our pink heels
And owhmygawdddd mylegissooooooofat = ="

Mum : trying another pair of sandals = =
SiS : sitting + being cute =Xx
Me : Shooting their cute acts xDD
*why are we doing so?? o.O*
= = We were all waiting for the salesgirl to serve my fussy aunt.
Spend more than an hour in the very same shop = =

Mine ; Mum's ; Sis's

Finally。。。we bought these :)

Saw this in Popular last Friday,
And today I met it again =DD
♥♥♥ Another masterpiece by Cecelia Ahern
Craves for it :)

At night, =DD

Crab feast^^ Owhmyygawddd I start posting more and more bout FOOD

*Пожалуйста, любить и уважать меня больше, Брэндон

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