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10 July, 2024

[Food Review] Kimchi Dining @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Time for a fine Korean gastronomical adventure at Kimchi Dining! 

Fancy some delectable Korean treats amidst a lovely flower-adorned atmosphere overlooking the city view of Orchard? Then Kimchi Dining is the place to go! 

Located on the 6th floor of Orchard Central, Kimchi Dining focuses on modern Korean dining concept. The menu offers ala carte dishes as well as set meals which are perfect for sharing. We choose the signature set meals for two, paired with Korean Makgeolli cocktails. 

Makgeolli Flight - 4 Flavours of house made Makgeolli cocktails
(Fresh Ginseng / Jeju / Red Plum / Berry)

We are excited to kickstart the meal with the special Makgeolli flight, a beautiful set of 4 concoctions of famous Korean rice wine infused with different flavours. My personal favourite goes to the pure ginseng Makgeolli cocktail which is subtle and smooth, lending a cleaner taste on the palate. 

Makgeolli Bread
(Korean wet market style bread, white bean butter with charcoal) 

As we move on to the set meal for two, we are greeted with a lovely house bread as the starter. It is soft and fluffy, and goes so well with the rich, charcoal-infused white bean butter. Best served piping hot from the kitchen. 

Kimchi Platter
(7 kinds of house fermented kimchi & pickles)

Instead of the usual “banchan” (side dishes), here we get to try a colorful platter of kimchi and pickles. Each of them has an unique taste on its own, and overall it is a great palate opener. However, do note that it is not refillable.

Gamjajeon (Korean Potato Pancake)
(Radish & onion jangajji, bacon, Siberian onion truffle mayo)

Another starter included in the set meal is the Korean potato pancake which is loaded with bacon bits and cheese shavings. A dip into the sweet-savoury mayo totally elevates the flavour of the dish. I’d love to return for this!

Iberico Pork Jowl SSAM 
(Iberico pork jowl, Belgium endive, honey garlic, Chilli jangajji)

Meat lovers would rejoice when indulging in the Iberico pork jowl wrapped in Belgium endive with garlic and pickled chilli. Such delectable combination makes the pork jowl less greasy and more palatable. Highly recommended!

Jeju Pork Noodle
(Jeju style pork broth, charred pork belly, smoked chilli powder)

For the main, I am pleasantly surprised that the Jeju style pork noodle is so rich in pork bone flavour especially the collagen-rich broth, with an almost creamy-like consistency. Delicious!

Black Sesame Sundae
(Injeolmi, Black rice puff, Jujube syrup, Chantilly cream)

Chocolate Injeolmi Tart
(Velvety milk chocolate ganache, seasonal fruit, Korean injeolmi, dark chocolate dust)

The finale of the meal gets me excited as the dessert duo are so beautifully presented. The black sesame sundae is so rich and thick, with an added twist on the texture from the bite-sized rice puff. On the other hand, I am also delighted to find some fruity bites and injeolmi in the rich chocolate tart. What a pleasant surprise! 

Kimchi Dining is an ideal place for authentic contemporary Korean dining, with great outdoor view of the Orchard area. Perfect spot for weekend dates, celebrations and large group gatherings in the heart of Orchard!

Kimchi Dining
181 Orchard Rd, #06-10, 
Singapore 238896.
Reservations: +65 9113 7090

Instagram: @kimchi_dining

Operating Hours:
Weekday: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Weekend: 11.30am – 10pm

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