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13 March, 2024

[Food Review] Japanese Omakase at Suguru Dining 傑, Joo Chiat, Singapore

Welcome to Suguru Dining 傑 

Finally, the much-hyped Japanese home dining is ready to serve us in an intimate restaurant setting! If you have not heard about Suguru, the brand started with Suguru Home Dining which is highly raved for its fresh sea urchins, raw Hokkaido scallops and somen which are delivered right to your doorstep.

Recently Suguru has expanded its venture into a premium Omakase dining spot, while continuing its dedication to serving only the ingredients directly sourced from Japan.

Tucked in a vibrant corner of Joo Chiat, Suguru Dining caters for 8-pax single seating each night that starts at 7pm. The whole dinner session is expected to take approximately 2 hours, but feel free to stay and enjoy a long evening here. 

Menu wise, the 8-course Omakase dinner features Kappo-style cooked dishes complemented by a selection of sushi, each highlighting the seasonal aged fishes. Nothing too fancy, really; the course is a pure enjoyment of authentic flavours. 

Omakase Menu by Chef Glenn
$180 per pax (before GST) 

Sashimi | 5 Kinds
Chutoro | Hotate | Engawa | Aka Ebi | Kampachi 

First to arrive on the table is the sashimi platter. Our favourite goes to the fresh and crunchy prawn, while the chutoro comes second as the tuna melts perfectly in the mouth with rich umami flavours without being overly fatty. 

Nama Yuba | Dashi Sauce

The chawanmushi, a culinary treasure waiting to be explored. This Japanese simmered egg and Yuba tofu skin are cooked in dashi broth and bound together with soft, fluffy eggs, while the drizzle of sauce makes it even richer in flavours. 

Just take one spoonful and let the subtle beauty of chawanmushi enchant your senses! 

Seasonal Appetizer

The original menu comes with A4 Wagyu from Iwate but those who do not take beef can opt for lightly seared fish instead. The fish, when drenched in egg yolk with sukiyaki sauce, melts with juicy goodness in the mouth. Delicious!

Zuwaigani | Shitake 

The highlight of the evening is something unique to me -- snow crab "meatball" with torched egg miso and jumbo-sized Japanese shitake mushroom. This lovely creation is so meaty and juicy! 

Nigiri | 5 Kinds
Madai | Shima-aji | Mekajiki | Otoro | Ika 

As we continue to be fed with more oceanic goodness from Japan, next up is the beautiful platter of 5 kinds of sushi including some of my favourites: Red Sea Bream, belly cut of Bluefin Tuna, and Squid.  

Bafun Uni | Negitoro | 'Chotokusen' Nori

Our favourite of the evening goes to the open-faced handroll featuring minced raw tuna with a huge dollop of sea urchin from Hokkaido, served on a piece of crispy seaweed. (Craving for more? You can opt for another helping, at an additional charge.)


We are surprised that the soup comes right before the sweet ending. The classic Japanese Tuna Belly Soup is made with clear, dashi-based broth and chives. The tuna is lean and slightly firm, just the way we love it in a hot soup. 

The showstopper of the evening goes to the warabimochi making process. I am pleasantly surprised that the warabi mochi is made from scratch (the chef actually melts the mochi in front of us!) and we get to enjoy it served piping hot. 

Warabi Mochi
Kinako | Kuramitsu | Goma Ice Cream 

Coated with kinako powder and served with one scoop of black sesame ice cream, the warabimochi feels surprisingly light on the palate. And not cloying at all! 

If you are in the vicinity of Joo Chiat, perhaps Suguru would be an ideal Japanese omakase spot be it for solo diners, couple night out, or group reservation of up to 9 pax. However, at this price point, I'd expect the fish to be of greater level of freshness. 

Suguru Dining
192 Joo Chiat Rd, 
Singapore 427463.

Contact: +65-8893 0902 
Instagram: @suguruhomedining  

Business Hours: 7pm - 10pm daily
Closed on Mondays 

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