20 June, 2011

The Taste of Heaven

Welcome to Penang! :D
Yeah I've found a cozy restaurant, serving western cuisine;
Famous for its seafood dishes!

It looks grand, doesn't it? :)

Ferringhi Garden
Tel: 604-8811193

Located in Batu Ferringhi, The Ferringhi Garden Restaurant with good ambiance is the ideal place to entertain friends and loved ones. It was awarded the cleanest and pleasant restaurant back in year 2005. The staffs were very attentive and friendly.

There are soooo many adorable teddies sitting by the counter :D

The Ferringhi Garden serviette :)

And this: For you to place your glass of drinks LOL.

Even the chopsticks are engraved with the restaurant's name.

Here's a shot of the ambience inside the restaurant.

From inside, looking out...

I love this place; It indeed resembles transquility pretty well :)

This is the atmosphere of the restaurant during the evening ;)

And this shows how it looks exactly, at night :) With the gorgeous, colorful lights.

There's at least two individual flowers in a water-filled glass, decorating each and every table.

The flowers here are pretty well-kept :) I love 'em all!

*Ehem* Am practising some macro photography shots out there.

Here comes the FOOD! :D

The starter of the meal--- Crispy toasted garlic bread with cheese :D
It is provided each for every customer, and the best thing is:


:) My favourite healthy salad bowl---
With cashew nuts, celery, chips and an abundance of thousand island sauce.

Singapore-styled fried meehoon @ RM17.90
Which is so scary in terms of its price! LOL.

My meal of the day @ RM25.90.
It's sizzling hot, but seriously awesome when you get a bite into your mouth!

The outermost layer is a thin, crispy layer of popiah skin.
Inside this huge plate, the curry chicken rice is very well enveloped,
and the rice remains hot even after an hour of eating it!

Fresh coconut drink @ RM8.90

The freshly-squeezed orange juice :) @ RM 8.90

Everything there is more than just AWESOMEEE!
Except the price, by the way.

As we left, we were truly amazed
that there is such a charming and cosy restaurant tucked in the corner of Batu Ferringhi!


  1. NOOOOOO...... why you love make me so hungy?

  2. that's rip-off price specially for tourists hahaha.... batu f'ghi still rocks

  3. yawww im hungry. *drooling :)

    oh btw, love those cute teddies ! <3

  4. The place looks very nice and the food too..

  5. looks like an awesome place :)
    And the teddy bears at the entrance.. sure must have caught your attention XD

  6. The place looks so nice at night but yeah the price is a total rip off :/

  7. meehoon for rm17++...
    that's way to expensive.

  8. woahh...nice place...bt te beehoon is dam pricey wey..

    but i love te teddy display

    will be visiting penang end nex mth...definitely visiting tis ... >.<

  9. fuiyoh IKAN! So nice the photo above :P dam pro le hehehe

    bila bring me go makan?

  10. ooh noo, your posting make me "hungry"~ ._."

  11. omg! I love the salad!! :)
    I wish I could go on that restaurant. :(
    The food looks delicious and the place looks cozy. :)

    oh btw, I need a little help. PLEASE??
    Details here: http://so-glamorous.co.cc/?p=179

  12. #drooling

    oh nooo, I'm hungry again?

  13. ahh.. i like the ambiance :D


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