Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Projects

Here we come to an end in 2009.
Before the last day of the year ends, let me do some meaningful lil' projects to reminisce the year.


Time to pack up my stuff! I spent my night writing my names on everything I would bring to National Service camp. In case that people might steal my belongings, I have had to label every single thing including these small pegs! ;D

The messy bed with all the stuff I'm going to bring there. It is really a lot here. 2 bags are just right enough for me ): Awww. And I am going to collapse soon for carrying two whole bags of rocks-weighed luggages T_T


:D I spent my whole afternoon yesterday renovating my whole cafe. Obviously I spent 823k cafe coins on this loveydovey cafe =X Less pink, and people would probably love it more. I am still so addicted to this Facebook game although many people around me have quitted this long ago.


Can you sense maturity in my new header? Muahahahs.

New header for the new year =X The pinkfishie was used for less than a month but I am already getting bored of it. Anyway I always stick to my favourite pink and white theme.

To make a shell frame:
All that you need include:
Fancy puncher, Super glue, Shells, Blade cutter, Cardboard, coloured paper, water resistant spray.
Only an hour, and you can finish doing this ;D

Ta-daa! I made one previously and it was unsuccessful because the colour of the words smeared when I used the transparent spray to coat the surface. So this is my second masterpiece; Currently belongs to him (:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Genting One Day Trip

We gathered at Bukit Jalil LRT station and headed to Titiwangsa station to board the bus, only RM6.60 for the bus ticket, with the poor condition of the bus and the service =X It really looks like U71, making me feeling dizzy and wanna vomite =X

The Genting mascot :D
Always the combination of the God of Fortune and Santa Claus during this season.

The first thing we did once we reached is EATING :D Everyone was hungry actually around 10.30 a.m. Hou Mei Restaurant was our choice, and the picture at top left is my “Hou Mei Special Noodle”, I really didn’t know what is special until it arrived at my table. Oh it was only a bowl of maggi mee which costs me RM16.70 =.=”

I went to the Genting indoor theme park a.k.a. arcade with Vivi and Kui Seong, while the others went for snooker.

Left: We managed to win a large packet of popcorns by spinning the wheel:D
Top middle: Xmas teddy from Famous Amos T_T Wanted to buy this. But it is RM6.90 so forget bout it ):
Bottom middle: Honey bee Huge, difficult to win this
Right: Machine of fish game :D

Goodbye Yang for three months T_T! I miss Bun too.

13 of us went for the movie “The Treasure Hunter” starring Jay Chou and Lin Chi-ling. Rated 2/5 by this blogger. The movie is really super boring if you aren’t an action movie lover. 3 strangers beside Bun went out of the cinema halfway during the movie =X! Now can you imagine how suck is that movie?

It is raining outside, yet we went out to feel the breezy air and mist.
And I always failed in jumping shots ):

Oh I promised Vivi not to upload her solo pictures in my blog =X
but still if you wanna view it, do CLICK for my Facebook album xD!

Our group picture. Only 11 of us in this photograph.
With 2 photographers: Spell and Fungsoon.

Finally we boarded the delayed bus [Yes it was supposed to arrive at 7.30pm but it reached at 8pm] and headed to Sri Steven’s Corner [It had shifted to the corner shoplot behind Star Village in OUG]. Reached home around 11.30pm (:

Thanks everyone for the great outing! :D We shall go for the next trip after I’m back from National Service k? *wink*

Monday, December 28, 2009

T_T Luckily I spent my whole afternoon studying this yesterday. Thank God :D

Sorry readers,
I am lazy to update bout the long day today.
So.. :D Do keep viewing for the next update bout National Service camp's must-haves!
Off to Genting tomorrow

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kem Paya Indah (:

Pictures are originally taken by my phone's camera
at Kem PLKN Paya Indah,
Kampung Tanjung 12, Off KM 5,
Jalan Dengkil-Banting, 43800 Kuala Langat, Selangor.

Sorry for the poor photo quality =/

Today Dad brought me to this camp; Only an hour journey from Bukit Jalil by using the Putrajaya highway. There are two guards there--- one old Malay and another young Indian. Both are quite kind for allowing us to enter the entire camp and explore :D

This is the place I’m going to stay at, starting on next week till 14th of March. The place is kinda old looking, with fading paints and not-so-well-kept grasses =X. The dormitories of Wira (males) and Wirawati (females) are completely separated with huge fences here.

Can you see the stage in front? It is used for all sorts of indoor performances, events and activities. And directly linked to the canteen. The tables are where we’re supposed to eat there. Of course chairs/benches will be provided.

One dorm is accommodated by 30 students, each provided with a bed, one pillow and a locker. So padlock becomes a must-have in the camp, so that your everything doesn’t get missing easily. The guard told us that the ‘teachers’ there will sleep at the same dorm with us.

Soon I will need to sleep on such bed for 3 months. The camp participants are really naughty for scribbling all the words on the bed frame, bed, cupboard etc. If you wanna do this too, don’t forget bringing markers of wide ranges of colours along :D

The toilet. “Mandi beramai-ramai” thingy will happen here. Guys are encouraged to bring along extra dark coloured pants while it is advisable for girls to bring along sarongs when bathing.

Worst still I came across forums mentioning that the camps in Kelantan have water shortage for three whole months, meaning 3 months no need to bath if you’re depending on that tap water = =”

Kenny Sia had once said that PLKN camps are considered as summer camps for the SPM graduates =D!

And I am leaving next week (: Do wish me good luck there.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Underwater World @ Sentosa Island @ Singapore

Spicy wan tan mee--- my yummilicious breakfast

On the way to Sentosa Island: Met this construction site. It is a great project of Genting to have another theme park at Singapore :D Next year we can stop going to Genting Highlands and proceed to this new theme park here!

My world :D Oppps, it is Underwater World I mean (:

The enormous tank of fishes and sea life. They’re really living, although some of them look kinda fake =X.

Bottom left:
A collection of shark tooth. For display only. Now can you imagine how HUGE is a shark? And they’re really good

Bottom right:
Crab’s skeleton. Reddish orange in colour (: Sort of become replica in this underwater world.

$20.90 per head for adult, meaning RM 51.21. It must be fantastic inside, to make the ticket worth the money. I found dugongs, dolphins, seals, turtles and many more at the souvenir shop. Cheap enough, I bought plenty of key chains there =X

Seals performance :D
They’re all cute, but I actually expect to see dolphins’ show [Coz’ I saw a pink one bathing at the corner under supervision of the workers there].. Too bad, the dolphins are not going to show out that time ):

The fishpond is open to the public to touch the fishes, reefs, starfish and squids, regardless of the cleanliness of your hands =X! My two lil’ cousins enjoy squeezing the starfish = =” How cruel.

Sea angels are found in Singapore!

=D They are very tiny, whereby magnifying glasses are provided for us visitors to observe the angels well.

The cutest stingray I’ve ever met!

Our dinner. It reminds me of DE3 at Sri Petaling = =”
The price there is quite reasonable, only RM15 each plate. But the taste is also so-so only =/

On the way home: I met this :D --- “FiSh & Co. Restaurant” ♥
Wished to own this :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Merlion & Bugis Street @ Singapore

Everything about the third day of the trip (:

It is mainly about walking around from one place to another. We really walked a lot for the whole day, yet I didn’t see any slimming effect in that =X! It is the Anderson Bridge behind me, with breezy wind along the pathway.

The landmarks along our way. They are all painted in white, looking so… aww. Very much like Full House in PJ. I love all these pictures very much, but since I can’t fit all the photographs here, so do view them in my Facebook album.

Album #1: CLICK

Album #2: CLICK

Clockwise from top left: Toasted bread with semi-cooked egg ; White rojak ; Uzumaki ice cream cone [I think I saw it here before] ; 2 person meal: Black pepper chicken from KFC ; Otafuku omelette rice.

Finally I urge myself to update about FOOD. The above picture shows a few menus which are unavailable [or rather rarely found] in Malaysia. All of them do look delicious :D and taste well too.

Okashi Gift House

This gift shop is sort of like Kitty Palace!
If you’re a great fan of Hello Kitty, you can actually find an array of the Kitty merchandise here.

The Bugis Street :D

Cheap, affordable stuff available here! The earrings are only $1 per pair, whereas clothes range from $5 to $30 only. These are non branded apparels, but can be comfortably worn. By the way I bought plenty of clothes here!

Aside from clothes, cheap electrical appliances can also be found here. Oh ya. New Moon in Singapore is basically the name of a mamak stall = =

From top:

Picture #1:
People on the boat are all busy taking photographs of the Merlion although they’re all wet,
splashed by the water.

Picture #2:
Youths nowadays are awesome :D
They are canoeing under the high pressure of water with their Santa hat along. Wet is FUN!
Picture #3:
The Singapore No. 1 landmark: The Merlion The best place of tourist attraction

The picture in the middle shows the two families =)
From left: Aunt, Sis, Mama, Papa.
Bottom: Two naughty cousins of mine =X!
Photographer: Saya lahhh (:

We then stroll down the street and boarded MRT to another station. Came across Popular Bookstore. This is totally different from our country. The Popular outlet in Singapore is 5-storey tall, larger than Mydin here = = And we’re allowed to eat in this bookstore; they provide restaurants in between every storey.

:D Tiggers are available here. Santa Tigger, to be precise (: And look, it wears a pair of teddy shoes. How I’d wish to get one home..

Finally returned to Yishun at night. The night market there is huge, like the one in Taman Connaught here. And they have this type of game along the night market, sort-of fun fair-like.

Sorry I delayed the post of the Sentosa Island in Singapore
due to too many pictures to be selected from,
but don't worry (; I will try to post it soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Orchard Road @ Singapore

Orchard Road is one of the most famous street in Singapore where 23 blocks of shopping complexes lie here. The road is a total entertainment hub with enchanting Christmas decoration.

Known as a shopping haven, it is a suitable shopping place for the brand-conscious society. Sephora, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Forever 21 and many more outlets are available here.

Also, Orchard Road has the most beautiful Christmas tree. This is fully sponsored by the Ferrero Rocher company as part of the must-haves for the festive season.

The lunch: Mega Spicy chicken burger from Mc Donald. This is huge, sort of similar to KFC’s Zinger burger. It is something we can’t find in Malaysia though. But the RM1 ice cream isn’t that cheap anymore in Singapore. It costs almost RM5 for just an ice cream cone there = =

Santa Claus and reindeers are in town now! Myriad neon bulbs light them at night, which creates wonderful shots for photographers. Too bad, my Sony camera couldn’t take good night shots ): What a waste…

The girls are dressed in pixie-like :D And walked along the street to get votes from people. Hey I love Singapore for having this type of celebration for Christmas unlike in Malaysia ):

Two young pretty lasses are doing acrobatic performance on the street, aiming to raise fund for the Mongolian poor kids. Their performance is impressive; they can bend almost 360° I guess :X

Left: Christmas card, globe shape.
We rarely find such a pretty card in Malaysia, it costs $10.90 meaning RM 26.71 after the ringgit conversion.

Top right: Shoelace with alphabets.
This is sort of common here anyway, but I would never spend so much money on a piece of shoelace with the diamonded beads.

Bottom right: Swear box; “No I am not on Facebook” wallet; Christmas card, house shape.

These items are pretty cool, seriously :D I love that wallet a lot and would certainly get one for him, but… It is $29.90 each T_______T Equivalent to almost RM74.90 each wallet ):

:D It is the toyland at Takashimaya shopping mall, where the souvenirs are reasonably priced here. I bought a $8 baby tigger while Sis grabbed five $6 baby Poohs [Authentic!, from Disney baby collection].

Tigger and I ! He can read, by the way :D

I bought Singapore Seventeen, January issue there, only $3 each. I think it is totally different from the Malaysia version, so if any of you are interested in reading this, I can always lend to you (:

Next update: Sentosa Island.


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