06 April, 2009

P/S: Ignore me when I am emo.

Today was a terribly ruined day,

1. I missed the pace of steps during the marching session. Knowing that my presence would only causes the team to lose, I felt guilty for being forced to join this competition. Also, I had no choice but to leave early during this session because I have way too many things in hand to be done. People just don't look into my problems and start complaining that I am NOT committed blablabla! Oh whatever. Since you guys never like me as your friend since the very beginning, I promise you shall never love me till the end of the world.

2. DaddyLoke came to look for me in the class today during BM lesson. After chatting for a while, he even told me that Form5 exam falls on this coming Saturday! It is only 5 days away from NOW. Oh wait, to be exact, we have only 4 days and 14 hours from this moment! This Saturday every Form5 student has to come to school for BM and Mathematics exam T_T… Can you imagine how terrible the principal is, to set exams on Saturdays so that people shall never skip school?

3. Again, my table is completed messed up with all the photographs and money collected. It took me 4hours to count everything once again --- now I learnt that it was indeed a tough task. Yet I didn’t complain bout how many layers of job I have to do in order to get everything DONE. You howled at me that I am giving you trouble. I really don’t understand why on earth do you have to throw tantrums when my job doubles (or MORE) yours.

Your text reads, “If you think is my fault… Kay… I same with him… I quit… cause we two also don’t know do things de…”

I am immensely sorry to tell you this--- How I’d wish to reply you that I will not stop you if you want to leave this big family (:

Maturity counts all. If you put yourself into my shoes, I bet you would die in completing the task I have. Why are you able to spare so much time searching things for her but not sparing the slightest time for the Board to accomplish the mission? Anyway you will never understand how hard I work to settle everything in hand.

Actually I don’t wish to give tongue-lashing during the upcoming meeting. No matter how I was unhappy with the performance during the Sports Day, I thought I could make ends meet in a different way of approaching you.

For your information, my job is not only to go class-by-class asking for photographs and count all the money collected, but also to search for the principal and teachers to buy photographs. I admitted that I was sort of reluctant to do this as well, but still I shall never babble of murmur because this is my responsibility. Isn’t it fair and square for you, for all of us? Being childish is not the proper way anymore, friend.

I hope we could still work together,
To enjoy the process of working :) It is FUN, trust me.

Okayyy enough of BAD things today.
Here comes the GOOD one! :D

To ALL 5Gs member!

Yaki-Yaki Japanese Barbeque Buffet.
Near Low Yat Plaza (:
RM30++ per head, (usual price is RM65++).
Since it is in promotional period now,
We decided to go for this buffet meal,
19 April 2009 (Sunday)
*Organized by Kuan and Xing :D

Hopefully all 5Gigihians can join this ‘celebration’
XD to enjoyyyyyyyyy yourselves tremendously!

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