15 June, 2009

Owh sorry.
I have drafted this yesterday,
due to connection problem,
I have no choice but to post it today。

:D Okay it is time to update again.
This would be an extremely long post haha.

I slept at 1.a.m. yesterday,
It was totally unusual for me,
As everyone knows I usually sleep very early = =
I remembered the last time I slept THIS late was
The countdown of new year 2009,
When I reached home around 2.a.m. LOL.

Tee-hee :D
Fish Leong’s concert was exhilarating last night!
8.10pm until 11.40pm.
It was the LONGEST concert I’d ever been.
[The usual ones is only 2++ hours]

FishLeong is still the best,
Queen of Malaysia
is totally different from others,
Therefore DongLiang’s one was so-so only compared to this =X

The pictures I snapped yesterday were not sharp enough,
Most of them were BLURred = =
Hope you understood that my camera is not a DLSR,
Plus, I have had to face some ‘circumstance’ when taking pictures.
Let me tell you later.


This uncle sat right beside my sis,
and he and his son obviously got free tickets to this concert,
coz' they did not seem to enjoy at all throughout the night,
the man even fell asleep for awhile during the concert.
How disrespectful!

Everyone waves this (:

Now that the concert starts~

Look at the red gift up there.
FiSh Leong is right inside!
Now I understand how people
actually gift themselves to others :P

Oh heavenly-look box (:

Oh full-house!
10 000 people here (:

Upclosed look of hers (:

Her pretty dress :D

They're from Beijing (:
Exclusively invited here.

I FiSh too!

H-e-a-r-t-y :P

Michael Wong [光良] was the guest,
But I apologize coz’ I didn’t manage to snap any picture of him.

As informed, cameras are not allowed in concerts
But everyone just doesn’t care and bring along this gadget.

This time the guard came towards me,
And wanted to snatch the camera from my hand.
He even warned those who were making calls using the cell phone.
Luckily Sis snatched the camera back and placed into the bag.
The stupid guard insisted us to delete ALL the pictures
WTF!! Anyway we just ignored him.

For two hours,
I had to be very careful when taking photographs,
So there were some scenes which I missed :(

At almost 11pm,
All the guards were gone,
And I was back to photoshooting again :D

Oh. The end of the concert.

And everyone was waiting for the ENCORE part

It's Ah Niu! :)
One of the Malaysian artist who came
to watch her concert.

He was awesome in making jokes (:

He plays guitar,
she sings

he sings and plays,
while she listens.

Oh. FiShLeong even invited all these Malaysain artists
to the stage for sing-a-long session :)
The lady in hat is 菲比

* The End of 梁静茹 “今天情人节” 大妈演唱会*

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