21 June, 2009


It's the third Sunday of June...

Happy Papa's Day!

It's time for celebration again :D

I had been waiting so eagerly for this day
to proudly present the gift from me, Sisza and Mama to you, Papa!

This wallet has lots of compartments to place his credit cards, licence, identity card, etc. And on top of all, it is smaller than any other wallet he ever has!

I think Sis chose the right type of wallet =X
Yeaa my Dad is NOT too young to have those types of stylish wallet anymore haha!

Oh the cake?
Honestly I don't know where to place the candles ><
I don't wish to ruin the oh-so-lovelly tie on it,
and every desoration on it...
Plus, I seriously love this adorable cake :P
Hope Dad loves it too.

Yesterday we went to Harbour Restaurant for dinner,
and Dad insisted on another steamboat meal
at somewhere near Sunway Pyramid tonight.
Gahhh I am soon gonna have sore throat
for having too much of tomyammm = =

I am sorry
if you didn't have a Dad.
Although you refused to tell me the story behind,
but I knew it was a saddening one.
:) I truly hope that you can enjoy this day
as much as others do too

P/S: OMG I forgotten to get a gift for DaddyLoke!

The tuition classes today were a lil' different than the usual ones.
I went for BM class alone,
with a HUGE, fat Malay asshole
[Sorry I have to use this word].

He was coughing all the time for 70minutes of class!
= =" It became WORSE when he coughed
and spilled his saliva onto my arms.
EWWWWW.... I felt like shouting,

= =
I purposely wiped my hand cleaned in front of him,
Yet he didn't apologize.
How impolite =X!

Sigh. Our lifes are at stake!
People at PTK are from everywhere,
so I realise that those who wears masks really did the smartest choice on Earth
for this dangerous period.
Plus, SJK(C) Davidson which was reported infected
is sooooooo near to PTK! = =

Mum gonna get me a mask soon,
BUT... I'm not sure if I dare to wear it in public = =

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