29 November, 2010

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Hey great news for all HUGE FBI and CSI fans out there!
I bet investigations catch your eyes a lot, and here is one, with awesome prizes to be won!

Yes this is the one I want to share with you, the Case of Stolen Keys presented by TGVCinemas in conjuction with the release of Tron Legacy on this coming 17 December.

The above is a brief detail about the theft in the projectionist's room at TGV Cinema.

Now... your mission is to:

Find out where is the key, and who stole it!

It is easy-pessy for you with your intelligence and crime-solving minds, right?
It would be a credit to you if you've learnt a lot from Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson.

Here's a list of suspects:
  • Mr. Gold Spectacles Casing
  • Mr. Fluffy Gold Keychain
  • Mr. Golden Rugged Carpet
  • Madam Golden Broom
  • Mr. Gold Cinema Seat
  • Miss Golden Show Reel
Hope it helps in your investigation :)
Therefore... Be quick and get more clues from TGV Cinemas’ Facebook page now!

-My Version Of The Short But Useful Details-

And just follow this:

Simple 1-2-3 Steps To Participate
The “Are You The TRON Saviour? Case of the Stolen Keys’ Contest”:

1. 'Like' TGVCinemas Facebook Page
2. ‘Like’ Panasonic Malaysia Facebook Page
3. Register at http://direct.panasonic.com.my/tron/Register.aspx

Hehehes. Do I have the detective look too? =P

I'm also putting my effort to solve this mystery case, and so let's work hard together for it okay?

If and only if you can find the stolen keys again, the above TV will be yours!

Not only that...

TGV Cinemas and partners are giving out A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV and many other attractive prizes to the ones who manage to solve the case*


A billion T-H-A-N-K-S to TGV Cinemas and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia for giving me a chance to try my luck here! And of course, I wouldn't forget Nuffnang for telling me such great news ;D

So what are you waiting for?
Be the TRON Saviour now, and prizes up to RM20,000 are awaiting you!
Be quick and accurate!

See, marvellous prizes, right? :D

FiSh wishes you luck here :)

25 November, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Source: TechCentral
This issue is indeed very well concerned by the media masses and the public.

Let's speak up against this act of cruelty!

Child Abuse?

In your mind, you may only thought of the actions of hitting children, dumping babies etc. But let me tell you, it is definitely more than what you think!

Myth: Dumping babies is considered child abuse, isn't it?
Fact #1:
NO, child abuse is the inappropriate actions done on children, ranging from 5 to 18 years old. Dumping babies involve only new-borns and infants, definitely not children!

Fact #2:
Child abuse is one such crime which is rarely noticed and seldom reported.

Fact #3:
Child abuse may be sexual, physical or emotional in nature. Depending on various factors and situations, child abuse mars a child for life and may impede their progress and lifestyle.

#1 Physical Abuse:
  • Abuser beats, slaps or hits the child
  • Pinching, pushing, hair pulling, kicking, throwing the child
  • Drug use during pregnancy (Wow?? YES it affects the child voluntarily!)
#2 Sexual Abuse:
  • Adults revealing genitals
  • Harassment
  • Exhibiting any form of pornography (YES this is true!)
#3 Emotional Abuse:
  • Foul languages
  • Lack of affection towards child
  • Kidnapping (Oh YES moral is degrading!)
#4 Negligence:
  • Unable to provide food and clothing to children
  • Fail to send them to school
  • Couldn't bring a sick child to a doctor (YES some Mums are so mean!)

I definitely don't want to see
these kinds of child abusive actions to happen again!

Child abuse can be stopped
IF you make your first move here :)

Just spend your 5 minutes to show your support here!
Thank you for your kindness ;D ;D

23 November, 2010

New, Fresh from Oven

Courtesy to Nuffnang, I manage for the premiere screening yesterdae at Mid Valley Megamall with my friend. Saw a lot of bloggers' names there but I couldn't recognize any of them .____. What a failure for me.

Before the movie starts, this advertisement catches my eyes! A new movie coming up soon!
The Green Hornet is an upcoming 2011 action-comedy film.

The best part of the movie is: Jay Chou is starring and speaking English!! LOLL
Coming soon in the end of January, I just can't wait for it ;D

Okay. Back to the movie I've watched yesterdae :)

"The Social Network" is a 2010 drama film, mainly about our hottest site, Facebook!
I proudly rate it at
8.5 / 10 !

It would be officially released on screen on 2 December 2010!
Be patient ya!

By the way,

15 November, 2010

My 18th

Finally I've uploaded all the 1113 pictures on my Facebook album.
And now it's time to share chunks of photographs with my fellow readers =P

The first birthdae cake was from my family;
Daddy, I know how much you've sacrificed to earn us a living.

Then... the celebration with my darling old friends ;D

Location of the dae: Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid

Ignore the decoration--- Please focus on the advertisement!
30% discount for students ;D

But you must really utilise the wet tissues coz’ you’ve paid for it! LOL

And it’s time to bear with my camwhore pictures while waiting for the food:

#1 FiSh and Joey; My high school kawan ;D

#2 Vivian and FiSh; My all-time bestie!

#3 and the last one: Group picture with high school friends!


Joey’s Crab and Lettuce spaghetti @ RM28.80

JM’s Carbonara Waraku Style @ RM22.80---
Beef bacon and yolk with carbonara sauce

Viv’s Prawn and Chicken Lasagna @ RM18.80

And finally my salmonless Salmon and Salmon Roe Spaghetti @ RM32.80.


Cheese blackforest; I don't know where is it from, but the taste is really great!

Pose with the cake before I ruin it =)

Okay I look stupid when I’m cutting the beautiful cake.

Left: Perfectly looking part; Right: Ruined by the birthdae girl

See, I told you I gonna ruin it! It’s just too pretty to be eaten (:

Only RM254.85 for 14 persons!
It is incredibly C-H-E-A-P, isn’t it? ;D

Our second round @ Old Town Kopitiam.

The chattering moments just didn’t end that soon :)
And people start playing with DSLR for ‘Facebook profile-picture’ shots! LOL

Among all, this is the best one I like (:
Great job, Keiyan; and awesome look, Yang!

Finally, the present-opening part!

Remember how I drool for a lomo camera in the last post?
Now they’ve granted me with this cute, blue one!

By the way, you can see the sample pictures here. This camera functions really well!

Not to forget, our group picha of the dae!
Taken at 12++ midnight, at OldTown Kopitiam.

Wait.. this is not the end yet!

There is still this very kind guy who sent this awesome birthdae cake to my house and wished me Happy Birthdae! And it is a pure, really pure thick cheese cake!

Thank you, Mr. J!
I will always remember the awesomeness you’ve done for me :) But…
P/S: How did you know that I love cheese cake? @_@

Also, my belated birthdae gift from Kar Chun.

He gifted me Jay Chou! LOL
Ok-lahh it is just an electronic fan of his cute image.
Put in batteries, remove the cap and the fan would start spinning! Easy-pessy!
Thanks, guy!

I know you guys tried hard to outdo the previous year.

But honestly, everything isn’t important as long as we spent our time with each other once again.
Memories are the best gift ever

14 November, 2010

Wild, Crazee Cheesy 6 Pizza

You may choose to leave in case that you can’t stand the cheesy indulgence!

Good day, people!
The lesson of the day is: CHEESE

*Ahem, I am a typical cheese addict*
Cheese? I eat them raw, baked, melted, grilled and even steamed!

Let me introduce you the SIX fehmes, oh-so-yummie cheeses!

#1 Hard and tough Parmesan from Italy
#2 Fresh, milky Mozzarella from Southern Italy
#3 Simply salty Romano from Italy
#4 Strong Cheddar from Somerset, England
#5 Fuller flavour version of mozzarella, Provolone from Southern Italy
#6 Semi-hard, moderate Monterey Jack from America

NOW.. These SIX cheeses meet up as ONE in Malaysia ;D

Parmesan, mozzarella, romano, cheddar, provolone and monterey jack make us,
cheesy lovers get WILD!

It’s simply because…

#1 Eating 3 servings of cheese a day is part of a reduced-calorie weight loss!
It trims your waistline better than cutting calories on other food!

#2 For the sake of stronger, healthier bones!
It contains calcium and protein which form a powerful nutrient punch!

#3 Lowdown on lactose!
Lactose intolerance doesn’t mean dairy avoidance;
people can comfortably enjoy the taste and health benefits of dairy products!

There you go, cheese addicts =P

Looking for all 6 cheeses in a dish?

You're at the right place now!

Hey, look what’s over there ;D
I found you, Extreme Cheesy 6 Balloons Pizza!
The very new, original and most authentic cheese pizza on Earth!

Now let me bring you to a cheesy restaurant and enjoy the cheesylicious!

Is your saliva already dropping?

Our one and only Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza can only be found in Pizza Hut!
It has 3 types of topping (Hawaiian, Pepperoni and Chicken) and one without topping.

Wow, seems like it is really tasty when people fight for it and keep drooling over it!

OMGGG even Jerry, the brilliant mouse wants it!!

Let's order quickly, I just can't wait!

*10 Minutes Later*

Great, fast service!
*saliva is starting to drop*

This set is Extreme Cheesy 1 (Recommended for 2 persons) ;
Consists of:
♥♥♥♥ 1 Regular Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza
♥♥♥ 2 Soup-of-the-Day
♥♥ 1 Garlic Bread
2 glasses of 7Up Revive

At only RM28.00!
P/S: YAY! I managed to save RM7.00!

*pepperoni topping*
Muahahaha! I finally conquer the pizza empire!

Yummy! The extreme cheesy cheeses melt me!

Come, let’s enjoy the pizza together!

Prawn olio for spaghetti lovers :)
P/S: Since I have reached Pizza Hut, of course I must try everything else right? ;D

The oh-so-cheesy lasagna! ;D Always wonderful for me!

And don’t forget this!

Let’s try the most thirst-quenching Mocktails!
---Fruity Fizz and Passion Fizz.

I am really bloated and satisfied!
Thank you Pizza Hut for introducing such awesome Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!

Only RM56.10 for a 4 persons meal in Pizza Hut! ;D Reasonable right?

And the best thing is: I can get rid of this kind of unhealthy rice box meals ;D ;D

-End of the lesson today-

So people, do you want to have more cheesy pizza?

Absolutely YES”,
isn’t it? :)

Go and grab your experience with Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza now, and you can stand a chance to win RM2000 from Pizza Hut! Thanks a gazillion to Nuffnang for telling us this great news ;D

For more information, click here.

Hey you have had to admit that you really can’t resist this!

Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza’s LOVER #1 hopes you enjoy as much as she does!
{} I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

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