30 December, 2011

Baby Black.

For the past 5 years, I have been a loyal supporter of Sony Ericsson mobile phone. More than half a year ago, I bought my very first touch screen phone--- Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. If you've been reading my blog, the phone was my precious Baby White until I encounter countless problems with it. And I finally sold it out at a darn low price (Sony Ericsson Smart Phone is WORTHLESS, to tell you the truth!)

This is the WORST phone I've ever used. 

I don't know if I'm the only unlucky one..
But this phone functionality is really poor:

#1 Slow processor
#2 Poor camera with no auto-focus
#3 Bad internal system
#4 Not-so-sensitive touch screen

It really disappoints me to the extent that
I swear I will never ever get a Sony Ericsson phone in my entire life again. 

Since it's a brand new year, it's time to throw away useless stuff and get a new, good one!

Goodbye Baby White, and let's welcome Baby Black! :D

As we know, Samsung is one of the latest hits competing away with Apple iPhones. 
I'm neither an extensive user of Twitter nor a Facebook addict,
 so I get one Samsung Galaxy S Plus at its original price, without any data plan.

This 4-inches phone fits perfectly well on my palm.

Hope this gadget gives me a great experience for at least a year or two!

26 December, 2011

Featured in Seventeen Magazine

Do you remember that I won ‘I Deserve A Makeover’ contest by Kitschen and Seventeen which I blogged in the previous post? Now the write-up is out! Apologies to Seventeen but I have to upload the softcopy of this page and show my readers.

Here’s the published version of the whole makeover:

 The front cover of January issue. 

From left: FiSh, Venice, Kimberley
 This page of Kitschen advertorial is published on the page 18 and 19 of this issue of magazine. 

 The second page of the advertorial with our faces there :) 

Here's an upclose shot of me, in case that you didn't notice me there. 

For the rest of the pages of the January 2012 issue of Seventeen magazine,
do grab one at your nearest magazine stand :P

24 December, 2011

Senja Italian Restaurant @ The Saujana Kuala Lumpur

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it's the perfect month to indulge in good food and great company. My choice of the perfect dining place is Senja Italian Restaurant at The Saujana Golf and Country Resort. Somewhere outside the hub of the city with perfect dining experience is more awesome than words can describe!

Location of the evening:
Senja Italian Restaurant,
Hyatt Saujana Hotel,
Section U2,
40150 Shah Alam, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Outside the restaurant is a swimming pool with a few spots for the visitors to relax themselves. 

Sitting on the expansive veranda at Senja, you get the feeling of almost floating on water. The al fresco dining here is top notch. Surrounded by a lake bordering the golf course of the Saujana Hotel, Senja’s newly refurbished interior perfectly suits its flourishing surroundings.

Complementing it further is a live three-piece band that serenades diners as scrumptious rustic Italian creations are ferried out of the kitchen. A fine selection of cigars as well as digestives, stylishly rolled out on a trolley is available for your post-meal relaxation.

Starter of the meal: 
#1 Pan-seared Tuna or Smoked Salmon 
The salmon tastes fresh as if I'm dining in a Japanese restaurant, but it's a little too salty to my preference.

The spoon of salmon slices is topped with my fave fish roes.

 #2 Gamberi al Pomodoro Piccante, Bruschetta
(Prawns, Tomato Chilli Sauce and Olive Oil Bruschetta)

Topped with parsley, the fragrance of the bruschetta makes a good combination with the fresh prawns.

#3 Mozzarella alla Caprese (Vegetarian)
(Classic Caprese Salad)

The fresh mozzarella infused with flavors of olive oil and basil turns the plate of salad into a really good one!

#4 Another salad is served here, with lesser spices and flavors used.

#5 Italian Seafood Salad
The squid rings and prawns are stir-fried to bring out its taste of freshness. 
Lemon slices are added if you favour a more interesting blend of taste for this seafood dish.

#6 Organic Vegetables Antipasto (Vegetarian)
It's an appetizer typically consisting of olives, capsicums, cheeses, and other vegetables.

#7 Chicken Breast with Mushroom Cream Sauce 
Initially I've mistaken this as a dish of chicken slices baked with cheese.
To my surprise, the mushroom cream tastes good with the meat although cheese is not added here.

#8 Homemade Bread Rolls
The buns look healthy and non-fattening.

#9 Baked Sea Bass with Onions and Tomato
If you love onions, you'd definitely enjoy this dish!

#10 Vegetarian Lasagna (Vegetarian)
This baked Italian dish consisting of flat pasta and layered with vegetables, cheese, and tomato sauce 
is definitely healthy and suitable for the non-meat eaters.

#11 Christmas-themed Cheese Cake
I'd love this one although the cheese is not as soft as I thought.

#12 Mixed Fruit Cuts

#13 Pudding Moist Chocolate Cake
This tastes great but the decoration attracts me more.

#14 Tiramisu dello Chef Giovanni 
(Chef Giovanni’s Tiramisu)

The meal is completed with a must-have Italian national dessert--- Tiramisu.
 The exquisite flavours from the mascarpone cheese and coffee is definitely appetizing!

Italian Christmas Bigne with Chantilly Cream

Bigne is a French puffed pastry made from deep-fried pate a choux dough. 
Filled with custard, the finished pastry puffs are coated in sugar and nuts.

My first bite on this bigne gives me a soft, sweet texture of the pastry. 
As the sugar coating melts in my mouth, the taste of the custard filling emerges. 

It's the best Italian pastry I've ever tried!


Cheers with Chef Giovanni Ricci from San Benedetto del Tronto. 
Enjoy the scenic view of the lake with your loved ones and friends,
 along with the authentic homespun Italian cuisine prepared by 
this Italian culinary master during the festive season!

Senja opens Tuesdays to Fridays from 12noon to 2pm (Lunch)
and Tuesdays to Sundays from 7pm to 10.30pm (Dinner).

For reservations, call 03-78405502 ext 6122/4717 or email dine@thesaujana.com.

22 December, 2011

The Extreme of Winter

It's finally this time of the year where friends and family gather to make "Tang Yuan" (汤圆). The Winter Solstice Festival, or commonly known as Dōngzhì Festival is one of my favourites throughout the year! 冬至 in Chinese literally means "the Extreme of Winter", that's the title of the blog entry todae :)

I can be proud this year because this is the first year 
I make these glutinous rice balls by myself!

From the dough to the balls, I manage to complete the process. Can't believe that, coz' I never cook and I have less than 1% knowledge in this whole cooking thing.

In just 3 simple steps, I can make tasty tang yuans :D

 Step 1: Knead the dough into tiny balls 

Step 2: Boil them in plain water until they float (Approximately 5 to 10 minutes), 
then transfer them into a  boiled broth of brown sugar and water. 

 Step 3: Serve them while hot!

Left: Red Bean Paste ; Right: Peanut Paste 

Colourless but the surprise is inside the rice balls! I love tang yuans filled with various pastes to enhance the yummy-ness of the whole thing.  Red beans and peanut butter are the most common ones but nowadays tang yuan comes in many exciting flavours, for example the Pineapple Paste Tang Yuan! Ever tried before? 

 As for my Mum, she loves cooking colourful Tang Yuan but without fillings. 
Yes these look very appealing and that's the labour of love from my most respectful Mama :) 

Along with this festival, Mama prepared some homemade dishes for the reunion dinner of the day. I guess for most traditional Chinese, the winter solstice festival is one of the most important festivals other than Chinese New Year. 

#1 Steamed Arrowhead with Chinese Fermented Sausages

It's my Mum's favourite dish during festive seasons, that's why the only time I get to eat this is during Chinese festivals and New Year. Other than that, I have no chance to enjoy this :(

 #2 Braised Chinese Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce and Baby Abalones

Another authentic Chinese dish--- I don't know how great does it taste in the Chinese restaurants out there, all I know is Mama's cooking is the best! :D

#3 Fried Crispy Prawns 
 This is too oily to suit my taste, so I would never touch this.

#4 Leek with Oyster Sauce 
Another favourite of mine, which I get to eat almost every week!

Once again, Happy Winter Solstice to all,
and do give Christmas a warm welcome soon! 

Next post: Buffet for Christmas dinner 
Stay tuned! :)

19 December, 2011

Karafuru @ Pavilion

The food station of the day is a little special 
because it's something NEW in Malaysia which you might not have seen before. 

Karafuru offers multi-layered Tokyo Fruit Tarts that come in a variety of flavours, and of course colours!

Made of fresh fruits, custard/chocolate filling, fresh cream and fruit puree, the attractive-looking fruit tarts are purely handmade to perfection by a Japanese chef. Now you can enjoy the savoury, healthy desserts with no added preservatives!

The price ranges from RM 79 to RM 85 per whole tart, and RM 8.50 to RM 8.90 per slice.
You can choose your favourite from the following flavours:

#1 Strawberry Chocolate
#2 Mango
#3 Grape
#4 Oreo
#5 Green Tea Red Bean (THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!)
#6 Raspberry Peach
#7 Chocolate Banana
#8 Blackforest
#9 Blueberry Meringue
#10 Mixed Fruits

There are surprises in the tart which you’ll only find out 
once you’ve tried the tart yourself!

Come and join me for the Grand Opening of Karafuru 
on the 21st December 2011 (Wednesdae) 
at Tokyo Street Pavillion KL.

In conjunction to the grand opening, Karafuru is offering you a 30% discount voucher on the whole or sliced tart just by clicking a "LIKE" on its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/karafuru.tartsPrint the voucher out or show them from your phone that you’ve liked their page to qualify for the discount.

Note: Promotion valid until 31st January 2012.

Tokyo Street,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2143 5737 (Outlet)
Email: hello@karafurutarts.com

17 December, 2011

Wacoal Celebrates 63 Years of Lingerie Excellence

Approaching the end of the year, Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. held a cocktail dinner at Senja Italian Restaurant, The Saujana Golf and Country Resort, inviting the business partners, Wacoal fellow staff and also the media--- including us, bloggers.

The party themed "Come Rain or Come Shine", attended by approximately 100 guests enjoyed a memorable evening filled with a scrumptious spread and entertainment in a stunning setting.

For more than half a century, Wacoal have the highly creative people to carefully tailor
the most intimate apparel for women--- Lingerie.

Yeeing and I
Thanks Yeeing and Kay Silva for the invitation!

The night started off with the ballet performance by the young, talented one.
Awww, look how graceful she danced.

Meet the emcee of the night, Stephanie.

The opening speech was conducted by Mr Hisao Sugiyama, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.

It's summer and fun theme!
Wacoal showcased some of its lingerie collections according to the various themes and inventions in 2011. Jacinth, cerulean or vermillion – the 15 zesty shades featured in the Fantasy collection fully captured the essence of the latest colour frenzy, keeping the ladies sparkling for the months to come and befitting any occasion!

The lingerie is so seductive when worn by the hot model.

Feminine yet playful, delicate swirls of laces intertwine with luxurious fabrics in most of the pieces; others include a T-shirt bra embellished with intriguing shoulder straps. As appealing as they are to the eyes, the ideal fit and exquisite quality that Wacoal is renowned for remain intact.

Here's some lingerie sets with jackets and raincoats.

Lingerie for the winter theme.

Women simply love colorful lingeries to match with different styles and clothes.

Capturing the shifting trend of women’s needs and fashion, Wacoal Malaysia rides on a 63 years of brand history and 8 years track record in the country. Wacoal never fails to produce intimate apparels that meet with the women's requirements on a constant basis.

The party ended with the presentation of appreciation award
to Wacoal Malaysia’s key dealers by Mr Sugiyama.

Before leaving, I managed to have a group picture with the bloggers and Kay.
See you girls again in the future events!

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