21 March, 2012

Food Republic @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre [Part 3]

Food Republic, the Singapore-based food court has operated for more than half a year since 23 July 2011 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. And I've tried almost all the foodstuff here, noticing that I've made two posts about them HERE and HERE

#1 Milo Dinosaur @ RM5.00

When I come across Milo Dinosaur, automatically my mind thinks of a typical Malaysian! Most of the time, only locals would opt for this. And today I'd be sampling some local cuisine at Food Republic.

#2 Nasi Dagang @ RM 8.90

Served with banana leaf, this plate from Serimuka is a famous East Coast Malay food. The combination of red yeast rice, brown rice, glutinous rice and hurba (a kind of traditional Malay spices) gives the rice its unique flavour and fragrance. 

The accompanying dishes include Gulai Ikan Tongkol, some local tuna richly spiced in coconut milk with lemon grass, chilli paste and turmeric, and some lightly Pickled Vegetables. A good one can rarely be found in West Coast, but I'm glad to find this with the right balance of sweet and spicy taste.

#3 Curry Chicken Drumstick with Steamed Rice @ RM12.90

Introducing another local food which comes in a relatively large portions, usually males will definitely opt for this one at Little Wok Kitchen. The curry chicken rice is smothered in a creamy, piquant Indonesian-inspired curry.Along with small servings of salad, shrimp, mayonnaise and fried egg, it satisfies a big eater.

#4 Chicken Rice @ RM6.80

Here's a Chinese version from Farm House Chicken Rice, in which the owner introduces his original Sarawakian chicken rice. The tender meat comes along with a bowl of Pandan Rice. As I scoop a spoonful of the rice, its aroma wafts up.

#5 Portugal Style Stingray with Rice @ RM7.90

Coming across the stall named Hot Plate, their spicy sweet sauce whets my appetite! Accompanied with ladies fingers, onions and greens, the stingray is firm and flaky. I can taste the goodness here.

#6 Young Coconut @ RM5.00

If you feel like having another drink after the meal, you can try the Young Coconut Water to soothe your throat after a series of spicy local specialties. 

If the above is not up to your preference,  
then check out other cuisines served in the Food Republic as listed below!

A full list of tenants there include:
  • Farmhouse Chicken Rice VISITED
  • Serimuka VISITED
  • Little Wok Kitchen VISITED
  • Rama 9 [Part 2]
  • Pepper Lunch Express [Part 1]
  • Hong Kong Roast [Part 1]
  • Shokuji [Part 2]
  • Tarbush Express [Part 1]
  • Hot Plate VISITED
  • Western Cuisine Express  [Part 2]
  • Teppanyaki Express  [Part 2]
1. Personally, Nasi Dagang is my favourite local food there. 
2. Malaysian foodstuff are normally quite oily, but not the ones served at Food Republic. 

Food Republic 
S346-S347, Second Floor, 
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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