29 October, 2012

Scallop-Q (士林干贝烧) Is Now in Malaysia!

Look at the air-flown pearly scallops air-flown from Japan! 
Do you want to snack on them? 

Originated from Taiwan, Scallop Satay is one of the popular street food in Shihlin Night Market. 
Malaysian chicken, beef or lamb satay are common, but where does the seafood go?
Now we can have a NEW unique choice, let's see how does it taste like! 
The first outlet was placed at KL Festival City Mall (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur) in October 2012. And it is currently undergoing expansion around city centre such as Berjaya Times Square and Pavilion KL, as well as to the North at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall in December 2012. 

#1 Eleven Flavours of Scallops

Comes in 4 pieces on one skewer, there are 11 flavours to choose from. Scallops are grilled fresh in front of customers, and you can get a taste of the hottest, juiciest scallop ever! Soft, chewy and juicy are among the best words to describe it. Leave the dish too long and you'll end up eating squishy crusts.

#2 From Left:
(Brown) French Garlic (法式香蒜)
(With Flakes) Barbecue Bonito (酱烧紫鱼)
(Red) Special Mix (随便) 

One of the chef recommended flavours is the Special Mix. True to its name, it is special because all 10 flavours are combined into one here. It's finger licking good for those who love strong aroma and heavy aftertaste. Miss any of these items and you wouldn't be enjoying the full experience.

I have always hated garlic, but I have to admit its aroma is so irresistibly good! The savoury taste is well-suffused into the scallop without overwhelming its natural sweetness. 

#3 From Left:
(Brown) Lemon Pepper Salt (柠檬椒盐) 
(Green) Japanese Seaweed (日式海苔)
(Red) ScallopQ Special (严选招牌)
(Yellow) Indian Spicy Curry (印度咖喱)
(Black) American Black Pepper (美式胡椒) 

Sprinkled with in-house special recipes, I find the Lemon Pepper Salt is the most unusual topping, so unique that it gives a tangy sweet punch and a lightly salty taste at the edge. Very appetizing to the palate.

#4 From Middle:
Natural Sea Salt (人妻海盐) 
Sour and Spicy Thai Sauce (泰式酸辣)
Wasabi Pepper Salt (小三芥末)

Going basic is sometimes the best, that's why I personally recommend the Natural Sea Salt flavour. Adding a crispy edge to the scallop, I can taste the original flavour and aroma. 

If you'd love some adventure, the spicy Thai sauce gives an extra kick of sourish yet flaming taste. Or a sharp wasabi taste combined with light peppery tinge would be the next best pick-me-up. 

#5 Each Stick (4 pieces) @ RM5.80 

Who say fresh scallops are expensive food?
Now we can have it as a snack, at a very competitive price tag! 

#6 Steady Red Tea @ RM2.90

At ScallopQ, good food comes with soothing beverage. They serve thirst-quenching red tea at a surprisingly low price! The cold sensation gives me an instant relief to the throat along with its reduced sugar level. 

Scallop Q 
SK14F (Second Floor)
In front of Mac City
KL Festival City Mall 
67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur. 

27 October, 2012

Promotions & Christmas 2012 @ Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur

Time flies. Without realizing, Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel now celebrates 40 Years of Great Malaysian Hospitality. In conjunction to that, Planters' Inn Restaurant is bringing back a taste of the long-forgotten staples we used to love. 

Back to 1970’s era, the chef has prepared an array of nostalgic food, 
served in the good ol' 3-tier stainless steel food carrier. 

Among the 9 main dishes, I have not seen some for many years. It's great to have a taste of them again at this restaurant. My favourite pick is the braised tofu skin topped with Chinese wolfberry, so silky smooth and well-infused with herbal aroma. 

Back to basic, the Sweet and Sour Fish, which remains a popular dish until today, never fails to captivate my heart with its tangy flavour that opens up my palate. 

The tiffin box not only brings sentimental value, but it also does great in keeping the warmth of creamy coconut-milk-based chicken curry. One of the best food to indulge in during this rainy season. 

The best of 70s cuisine will be available on the buffet throughout the month of October in 2012. 

"Nostalgia For 2" at Tiffins Restaurant
Duration: 1 Oct to 30 Nov 2012
Available for lunch

After a sumptuous dinner, what about a relaxing evening at Club Bar? As part of the 40 years celebration, this watering hole is hosting some of the best and most popular British dishes throughout the 4th quarter of the year.

Sitting elegantly with French fries, the classic Cod Fish & Chips beautifully retains the rich taste of its succulent white flesh. Enhanced by a subtle citrus zing and a sweet savoury sauce, the appetizing pub style food definitely whets my appetite. 

Drizzled with brown sauce, the Cornish Pastie has a good amount of stuffing--- minced beef with chunks of potato, onion and turnip--- lightly seasoned with a peppery tinge. Served with a bed of mashed potato topped with mint sauce, it is simply filling.  

The menu has more than a juicy piece of lamb chop or a well-marinated beef tenderloinFrom  the savouries such as Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and Mash, to desserts like the all time favourite Bread and Butter Pudding, plus English Scones with condiments on the side. You don't need to go to Britain for a taste, just pop down to their local watering hole for a bite and munch your way through Club Bar! 

Best of British at Club Bar
Duration: 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2012
Price: From RM20++ to RM65++ per dish
Available for lunch and dinner
Reservation: Call or visit www.crowneplazakl.com

#1 Gingerbread House

It's the season for sharing. Being the final Christmas season for Crowne Plaza, the brigade of chefs have pulled out all the stops to provide you with a feast to remember for the one last time before the hotel is demolished after 40 years of excellent services. 
#2 Carvery Station: Roasted Turkey

No Christmas is complete without turkey, agree? Here I have one roasted into perfection, maintaining its juicy, healthy flavour. Best drizzled with the creamy horseradish sauce that adds a flavour punch to the roasty meat. 

So much as we do not want to miss the ever classic turkey with cranberries and sauce, another must-try is the mint rubbed leg of lamb, amazingly juicy and well-marinated.

#3 Appetizers: Salad, Smoked Salmon & Popiah

During the night of food preview, our taste bud is tantalized with a wide buffet spread. If you are looking for something light, tasty and healthy to nibble on before a snooze, the spicy and tangy appetizers, be it served hot or cold, are excellent pick-me-up.

 #4 Grilled Lamb

#5 Grilled Fish

Moving on to the mains, I'm delightful to see the healthy selection of meat ranging from lamb, beef to seafood. I always opt for grilled food over fried bites, and a subtle citrus zing onto the fish is definitely tempting my palate! 

#6 Sushi

 #7 Fresh Sashimi Cuts

The all-day buffet is not just about local delights, but also boasts a varieties of salmon and tuna cuts. The Japanese fried foodstuff, tempura, is prepared at the live cooking station, all are just an order away!  

#8 Condiments for Chocolate Fountain

#9 Black Forest Cake

For desserts, a slice of light black forest cake is enough to crave a smile on me. I love the layer of moist chocolate mousse in between chunks of berries. Definitely not over cloying for non-sweet lovers. 

#10 Raspberry Mousse Cake

#11 More Flavours of Tart & Cakes

#12 Pudding

 #13 Tiramisu

To complete my Christmas celebration, I mustn't miss tiramisu, a creamy mascarpone custard layered with rum and coffee. It is so rich and dense that it keeps me going for for a second helping. Delicious!

#14 Warm Crepe Topped with Ice Cream

Here's the chef signature dessert which I remember vividly from my last visit here. The warm crepe paired with ice cream is certainly a delightful combinations, and I love this dessert being prepared ala minute right in front of me. 

A perfect setting for the season of joy and celebration. 

 For this coming Christmas, Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur has prepared an ala carte menu for family and group dining, as well as an array of Christmas goodies to be brought home. 

#15 Cinnamon Stars & Cookies

Christmas Eve Special
24 December 2012
Dinner: RM160++ (adult)
RM190++ with 2 glasses of wine

New Year's Eve Special
31 December 2012
Dinner: RM170++ (adult)
RM200++ with 1 glass of champagne

1. Nostalgic! Back to the British era and then move a little forward to the 1970s. 
2. For Christmas deals, it would definitely create a memorable one to all! 
3. Pricewise, my wallet is as satisfied as my stomach. Surely you'd pay for the value of good food and some quality time with the family and friends. 

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2162 2233

26 October, 2012

5th Giveaway: Is Your Face Sun-Protected?

Banana Boat, a brand that is famous for its sun protection lotion over the years. 
A familiar icon in my family during vacations. 

But... how often have you forgotten that your face needs the most protection among all? 

Have you experienced dullness in the skin and lacking in elasticity?

The newly introduced Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is here to protect your beautiful skin! Even if you work indoors, it is no excuse to neglect your daily sun protection routine. 

Specially formulated with photo-stable AvoTriplex® and botanical extracts, it provides a long lasting protection against the sun and its burning effects. Most importantly, it has high absorbancy of UVA rays. 

I have tried using it for a week, and absolutely love its lightweight texture, simply non-greasy and comfortable for everyday use! 

I told you, October is a good month, with double giveaways from me!
This round I am giving away one Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 (60ml) 
worth RM32.90 ...to ONE lucky readers!

Goodbye wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, 
time to obtain this at all chain pharmacies, retail stores and hypermarkets@

Mechanism of the Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 Giveaway
1) Leave a comment saying 
"I need Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 because....." 
and I will pick ONE (1) winner with the best comment.
2) Contest will end at 31 October 2012, 18:00 sharp (i.e 6pm)
3) Contest is opened to followers living in Malaysia only. 


24 October, 2012

Simple Life @ Sunway Pyramid

After a exhausting day shopping around Sunway Pyramid, it's time to make a stop for tea time. 
Simple Life Cafe, also known as Tracy's Kitchen serves organic and vegetarian food.

If you wanna go green around Sunway Pyramid, you must try this Simple Life vegetarian restaurant. It's newly opened on 17 May 2011, same day with Wesak Day. Nice, simple and clean design of the restaurant definitely attracts me.

You can join their member to get a free T-shirt, 10% discount for every visit and exchange meal for free if you get full 5 ticks on the card given. If you celebrate birthday in their restaurant, you can even get 20% discount.

The blogger of the day with a black tanktop from RuffreyID, bought at Sunway Pyramid too. 
And a piece of red diamond fish necklace, a birthdae gift from friends.

It was 4pm when I stepped into this restaurant, but I can clearly see that there are quite a number of customers at this non-peak hour. There I know it's a nice place to chill :) 

#1 Unforgetable Rosemary (记忆回味) @ RM 12.90
It helps to improve memory and promotes blood circulation.
Hence I consider this as the best drink for me whenever I face exams :D

It is best served when hot. When it goes into your mouth, you feel the warm tea, then going through the throat makes you taste the mint flavour of the tea. It's quite special, I should say. Worth a try! 

#2 Peanut Multi Grain Porridge (花生五谷粥) @ RM 13.90
It consists of fragrant rice, Kelantan rice, buck wheat, millet, glutinous rice, peanut, pumpkin, carrot, yam, mushroom, goji berry. Topped with wakame, coriander and ginger shredded. Honestly I hate eating porridge since young, but this porridge is like miracle! I fall in love with it instantly!

#3 Almond Fruit Salad (杏仁水果沙拉) @ RM 12.90
A mixed concoction of roasted almond flake, green and red apple, lettuce, organic mixed cabbage, papaya shredded with lemon sesame dressing and mango mayonnaise. ALL FRUITS and no meat, but it makes me very bloated after finishing the whole plate!

Because you can see here that the portion of the salad is actually HUGE. 

#4 Left: Mango Mayonnaise ; Right: Lemon Sesame Dressing 
I really salute the cook for having these as the salad dressings! Both are very creative and most importantly, they're healthy and non-fattening! I gonna lick the whole plate of mango mayonnaise LOL. 

RM 43.65 for a simple but very healthy meal. Now you tell me does it worth the money?

"Go VEGE!"
I'm definitely not a vegetarian and I won't be one, but going vegetarian on certain days is fine for me. It's like having a healthy meal after days and months of scrumptious meals.
Most importantly, we must live healthily :) 
1. Almond fruit salad becomes my current addiction!
2. The service is exceptionally good with bright smiles from all the waitresses. 
3. I've uncovered some creativity in the dishes which definitely worth a try! 

Simple Life
LG2-126A, Blue Atrium, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-56118567, 6012-2365423
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