26 May, 2013

Celmonze: "Phenomenal Woman" Shape Up, Slim Up & Firm Up!

Have you heard of Celmonze? It has been well-known as a facial sanctuary since 11 years ago, currently with more than 50 outlets around Malaysia. And today it expands beyond skincare with the newly launched “Phenomenal Woman”, a 3-Step Body Contour System. 

Celmonze Ambassador, Kim Low said "I Anti Cellulite!"

Another slimming programme in the market? No, you’re wrong! Because this Body Contour System is more like a holistic therapy, to restore your health and body back in shape with 3 steps: 

1. Shape Up Spa Wellness Program
2. Slim Up Anti-Cellulite Treatment
3. Firm Up Body Firming System

Don’t belittle them, such 3 simple steps can change your life! It helps to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and detoxify while stimulating collagen production.

I have tried losing weight drastically in a very short period, and apparently now I start gaining more weights than I have lost :( After being introduced to this new Body Contour System, I'm confident that I can say goodbye to Cellulite! 

Meet the brand new Celmonze Body Contour Series!

The key product of this series is the Body Contour Anti-Cellulite Body Oil

It can be used as a home care regime. The bottle is made of a special fiber glass, "Nanofiber Borate Glass" to aid in hard-tissue regeneration. The oil is able to dissolve and release elements into body fat that stimulare the body to generate new blood vessels, and improves body healing processes.

Made of natural ingredients, the body oil performs 3 core actions:
1. Promote good circulation
2. Eliminate toxins
3. Breakdown fat 

Kim Low, the 1st runner of Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012, revealed her secret of being so lean and sexy! It's the Celmonze Anti-Cellulite Body Oil. She massages it onto her targeted area after bath everyday...and the result is impressive! 

It is really convenient to use, and I do it at home anytime I want :)

 Put them onto your dining table everyday so that you won't forget your slimming home treats :P

However, for serious cellulite problem, I'd recommend you to get professional treatment from Celmonze staff. For the first step, you can try the SPA Wellness Treatment at their beauty outlets which use 3 products:
1. Anti-Cellulite Body Oil
2. Firming Oil
3. Reaffirming Cream 

At the end of the session, you will see a better shape in yourself!

The full range of Celmonze Body Contour System products are available at all Celmonze Beauty Outlets around Malaysia. They have over 50 locations for you to choose! Please check their website for the exact locations :) 

In conjunction with the launch of Celmonze's Phenomenal Woman body wellness programme, there will be a special promotion and an "Experience and Win" contest to reward customers!

In just 4 steps, you stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of 5D 4N stay at Hardrock Hotel, Bali, and also 10 Special Prizes such as pampering body care products worth RM1000 and anti-cellulite treatment worth RM788

50 Consolation Prizes of bodycare products voucher worth RM250 and detox + whitening body treatment worth RM388 are waiting for you too! 

For every purchase of Anti-Cellulite Body Oil at RM268, you will get a
FREE 60 minutes Lymphatic Drainage therapy worth RM300!

Note: The contest runs from 5 June to 4 August 2013. 
Visit Celmonze's Facebook for the latest updates. 

More information about Celmonze:


  1. now a product for thigh huh,
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  2. hahaha woww. guys can use kah? =p

  3. Loss of muscle likewise prompts loss of tone underneath the skin abandoning you delicate and awkward looking with no frame or shape. detox tea

  4. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it.. belly fat


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