31 October, 2013

Review: CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 Serum

As much as our body requires Vitamin C to boost immunity, do you know that our skin needs the same too? I am used to drinking Vitamin C health beverages since young, and now I can pamper my skin the same way too! With CIRACLE's pioneer and bestselling product in Korea, Vitamin C20 Serum, your skin can become softer, more moisturized and well-protected. 

To be honest, the packaging of this serum looks sophisticated like an equipment I often see in the laboratory. Unlike many fancy, cute-looking Korean products, CIRACLE gives a better confidence to consumers through its detailed label, safe packages and clinically tested products. 

CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 (30ml) @ RM102 [Made in Korea]

Inside the tinted 30ml bottle was the acidic serum that looks like orange juice. The box includes a dropper for the ease of consumer because a little serum is sufficient for the whole face and neck as it is highly concentrated. 
The 6000mg vitamin C content in a 30ml bottle is equivalent to 200 tangerines, 120 strawberries or 40 oranges. Now can you imagine how powerful the serum is? It pampers your skin with the best natural ingredients that helps remove dead skin cells, revitalize your skin, tighten pores, recover troubled scars, whitening and removing blackheads. 

How To "Feed" Your Skin with Vitamin C?
Use the dropper carefully to take only 3-5 drops of serum, because too much of the concentrate may cause tingling effect on the skin. But I love the way it suits even the most sensitive skin because the tingling only lasts for the first few uses (based on my personal experience). After that, it soothes the skin very well. But if you think it's too rich, then it's best to use it together with toner, and followed by moisturizer to lock its goodness into the skin.

For best result, use 3-5 drops of serum with toner every night over the face especially 
the troubled areas. For daytime usage, you can apply it under sunscreen as a protective layer 

The concentrated serum is golden orange in color, with slight shiny effect. I can imagine myself drinking it because it looks good and fresh like orange juice, but be reminded that it is only for external use. Well, I tried and it tasted less sweet (and not so nice) though, hahahah...
Full of pure Vitamin C goodness, the 20% of L-ascorbic acid and natural antioxidant combine to help prevent premature signs of aging. I only use it at night because of the Vitamin C's sensitivity to heat, light and temperature. But too. For long-lasting freshness, don't forget to keep it refrigerated too!

CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 works miracle on my skin after continuous use for 20 nights. My skin appears brighter and smoother with less visible pores. I personally enjoy the refreshing sensation as I apply it directly onto the skin when it's cold (Keptt in the fridge).

If you do not already know Ciracle, CIRACLE is a beauty brand from Korea, focusing on organic-based beauty and healthy products using the eco-friendly technology and products from USA, Korea and France. I am also a satisfied user of the CIRACLE miracle blackhead off sheet, read my review HERE!

Ciracle is currently available at SASA beauty store, Maxbeauty and even online at www.ciracle.my and www.zalora.com

For more information about Ciracle, go to:
Website: www.ciracle.my
Facebook: fb.com/CiracleMY

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