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30 October, 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary NEW Upgraded Mask - Cosphingo

Yay, finally! I finally get my hands on the latest product of My Beauty Diary. I have always been a fan of this Taiwanese mask brand, because of its functionality and affordability. I'm glad to receive some goodies from them so that I can try out the newly upgraded mask.

Cosphingo is the latest breakthrough for My Beauty Diary as it is a specially patented, naturally extracted long-lasting moisturizing ingredient that helps in improving hydration and moisture-locking from inside out. Moreover, it enhances the mask to be more long lasting

By the way, it has no paraben,alcohol and fluorescent agent component too.

The Aloe Mask I tried is best for optimal moisturizing, comforting and soothing. Combined with Kiwi fruit, Lemon and Ginkgo extracts, I'm pleased that the mask smells good and feels refreshing to the skin and soul.

Aloe vera is always a great ingredient to moisten the skin, that's why this mask is recommended for 
dry to extremely dry skin. Can't wait for my skin to turn softer and more supple like a baby’s skin!

How To Use Cosphingo Mask?
 Step 1: After cleansing and toning, tear open the mask and apply it over the face for 20-30 minutes.
 Step 2:  Gently massage the remaining essence into skin with fingertips until it is fully absorbed. 
No rinsing necessary. 
 Step 3: Apply regular lotion/cream care to seal the nourishment.

The new cloth mask is said to fit the chin perfectly but I find it a little oversized for my face no matter how I adjust it. Nevertheless, its elastic and adherent quality will not tear off easily, and able to infuse abundant moisture into the skin.

I also notice the mask has more essence in it compared to the old version, so don't waste it!

My Verdict for My Beauty Diary Cosphingo Mask:

1. I love the rich aloe scent that soothes my tired skin after a long day.
2. The instantaneous soothing and moisturizing effect is awesome. Plus, the redness on my acne is instantly gone after using this!
3. If I were to have any complaint, I think it'd be on the shape of the mask.

Available at any SASA, Guardian and Watsons outlets nationwide.

Comes in 8 types:
- Collagen Firming 极致再生
- Arbutin Whitening 极致美白
- Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing 极致保湿 (My personal favourite!)
- Black Pearl 晶亮透白
- Bird's Nest 极致滋养
- Aloe Vera 舒缓滋润
- Apple Polyhenol 绝对紧致
- Pearl Powder 柔滑白皙

For more information, visit My Beauty Diary at:

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