20 May, 2013

Review: CIRACLE Blackhead Off Sheet: Goodbye Blackheads!

Whitehead. Blackheads. They're just too stubborn, aren't they?

Recently I have met a skin expert who has worked in Singapore in this beauty industry for more than 10 years. This guy is so cute! And he told me the worst problem on everyone's skin is blackheads. It is almost unavoidable because our daily life is exposed to dirts particles in the air.

Look at your boyfriend, he may have the smoothest face complexion but his nose is still prone to blackheads. Thanks to this Guru, he introduced me with Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet.

He said we can wave goodbye to Blackheads and Whiteheads! Because miracle happens in 15 minutes! I was like... What? 15 minutes? Are you sure? 

And so he did a simple test on me.
Step 1: Pick up the sheet using the tweezers and put the soaked sheet onto the nose. 

Make sure you stretch the sheet and place it over the nose evenly. It should sit flat without any air bubbles on the nose. If you have severe blackhead problems, use 2 sheets at once. But for my condition, he said one sheet is fine.

Sheet can be used on any area of the face or even your body parts (Back, hand, etc)
which is prone to blackheads or whiteheads.

Step 2: For best results, leave the sheet on for about 15 minutes until it dries.

This is how it should look after it dries up. I cut the sides of the oval-shaped sheet 
so that it fits perfectly onto my nose.

Step 3: Remove the sheet, then use a clean cotton swab to remove masses of sebum that came out from the pores.

I learned that this wet circle-shaped cloth-type sheet which contains a special formula with natural plant ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin. The formula helps blackheads and sebum in the pores to soften and elevate above skin surface, which lets you wipe them off easily without irritating the skin or enlarging the pores.

Step 4: Rinse it off with water.

Within just 15 minutes, you can see the immediate result of blackheads removal without irritating the skin. Another benefit is, rough skin surface becomes smoother and more radiant after usage!


1. Highly effective without any irritation.
2. Even if you have no blackheads, you can use it to remove dead skin and dirts on the nose so that your nose will become smooth. 
3. Fast and easy to use!

Alternatively, you may use the Ciracle Blackhead Soap on a daily basis,
to remove the blackheads on your body.

 Ciracle also has a designated nose patch- Ciracle Blackhead Off Cotton Mask,
which comes in the shape of a nose and you can pat it on anytime anywhere!

It is another best-selling products that effectively helps to remove blackheads without intrusively damaging the skin. 100% cotton-based product, and safe to use for sensitive skin!

Ciracle is a beauty brand from Korea, focusing on organic-based beauty and healthy products using the eco-friendly technology and products from USA, Korea and France. The pioneer and best-selling product is Ciracle Vitamin Source C20 Serum, which I'd review it in a while! Stay tuned :) 

Ciracle is currently available at SASA beauty store, Maxbeauty and even online at www.ciracle.my and www.zalora.com

For more information about Ciracle, go to:
Website: www.ciracle.my
Facebook: fb.com/CiracleMY


  1. Looks not bad! But my blackheads are much worse than yours leh. >_<

  2. Interesting creation! :) Lotsa blackhead/whitehead packs in the market nowadays

  3. heres a free additional tip.

    wash your face and nose 5 times a day.

    works for me, less black head.

  4. a product for each body part huh

  5. look awesome! been thinking if I should get it or not, cz still have few other products havent use yet. :<

  6. looks the same before and after!!

  7. Guys, once you put it to your nose or chin ( whatever) put on top of it plastic that you covering the food. That's work awesome, almost everything can be out


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