01 March, 2015

Carlo Rino Spring Breeze 2015 Collection

Recently, I made my visit to Carlo Rino Boutique located at Level 4, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to catch the latest collection of Spring Breeze 2015. Are you ready to add colours and styles into your daily outfit? :D

The boutique is very spacious with different racks that showcase various collections of Carlo Rino merchandise. The colorful bags and heels make me excited to explore the rest of the store!

In this brand new year, Carlo Rino introduces few series of quirky yet memorable pieces inspired by the breeze of spring. Here are some of the models before they proceed for the fashion show to showcase the latest arrivals.

The latest Spring Breeze collection ranges from minimalist design to bold colors and funky prints, for the bags, shoes and accessories. Most of them come in bright colors to spice up your outfit, and added with Carlo Rino signature charm for a feminine touch.

There are loads of beautiful bags and wallets that you should really check them out! 

Those in hot pink are really eye-catching and match well with my outfit during the visit! 

 Make Waves (Trimmed Vinyl, Tote, Backpack, Purses, Charm)
I love the sweet pink shade with wave patterns, and the adorable heart-shaped charm!

Fashion in Motion (Totes + Long Purses)
Look at those stitched trains, so cute right? It's another favourite of mine,
because lightweight tote with extra sling strap is perfect for any occasion!

Among the elegant and classic timepieces that are paved with crystal diamonds, 
my favourite goes to the one in rose gold. Simply perfect for meetings or casual dates.

Footwear for comfort and style is available at Carlo Rino Boutique too.

With birthdays or anniversaries around the corner, now I'm sure you'd know what to pick for your loved ones ;)

If you do not have time to roam around Carlo Rino Boutique at Pavilion KL, here's a good news for you!! You can now shop with Carlo Rino ONLINE at www.shop.carlorino.net/! Most of the CR collections are available on the website, so you can save the hassle and have the merchandises delivered right to your doorstep!

For more information, please visit Carlo Rino at:

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  1. Carlo Rino is all about colours!!! 😍😍😍



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