26 February, 2015

Pocket WiFi for Overseas Trip

Whenever we travel overseas, connectivity is ALWAYS an issue because we want to:
1) Keep updating our fun pictures on Facebook/ Instagram/ etc
2) Whatsapp/ LINE/ WeChat with people we love
3) Google map at foreign places
4) Simply just can't live without internet

But....it is not easy to get free WiFi everywhere we go except for restaurants/ hotels.
Usually my only internet choices are:

1) Buy new local sim at the country and subscribe to expensive data plan
2) Use internet roaming by my local telco provider (Even more expensive!)
3) Disconnect myself and enjoy the trip (I can hardly do that!)
Until recently I learn about Pocket WiFi by Samurai WiFi and absolutely love its service! Fit perfectly onto the palm, it is a portable modem where you can switch on and connect up to TEN (10) devices at one go while travelling overseas! 

1. CHEAP! Daily rate is only from RM25/day!
2. It doesn't fail you like the data roaming services or local internet! What's better than staying connected 24/7? 
3. ONE flat price for all devices! Your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and 7 more gadgets can connect to one same Pocket WiFi via hotspot sharing. Travelling with friends? Even better! If you divide the bill with 4 persons, each person only pays RM5 for WiFi daily! 
4. Hassle-free! Pick up at KLIA before boarding the plane, and drop off when you return. Easy pessy!
5. Super fast connection up to 1GB per day. So awesome right? 
6. Full refund if service fails. (But it hardly happens, haha!)

Let's take an example:

If I were in Japan for 2 weeks, I can rent a Pocket WiFi as low as at RM28 per day. Share the bill with my travelling partners (up to 10 pax in total) and I only need to pay RM2.80 daily! Gosh, it is even cheaper than my current local mobile data subscription! 


On top of Pocket WiFi rental, you can rent winterwear for free too! Now you don't need to spend a fortune on winter coats that you wouldn't use it again. Specially for those visiting Japan, apartment accommodations on Samurai WiFi site too, so don't worry about having no place to stay there! 

Check out Samurai WiFi at www.kl-samurai.com
or contact them at 603-2725 8042 or info@KL-Samurai.com

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