03 March, 2015

Smart Shoppers Save While Spending!

How has 2015 been treating you so far? The festive season has just passed and I believe many of us have spent extravagantly on food, new clothing, home decors and more. But why splurging on so many new items? People respond, "Because it's Chinese New Year! It's time for celebration, I don't mind spending a little more." 

And most of the time the vendors hike up the prices because this is also their best time to reap more profits!

Well, it's true but I can't blame them because they are just earning a living. Now ask yourself, how often do you check out the prices from different stores before making your purchase? I always think that it is important for us to exercise our rights as smart consumers.

Can you save while you spend? YES of course! I believe you don't want to spend extra unnecessarily when you can get the same item at lower price, right?

As for me, I have a strong passion towards photography and I love purchasing gadgets!  Cameras, flashlights and lenses are all my favourite hauls, but it is not easy to find good bargains online especially when there are so many dealers out there. 

Until recently I stumble upon a cool site, PriceMe.com.my... I find it very useful when I'm looking for deals and products online. No, it is not another online shopping portal that offers ambiguous deals. 

In fact, PriceMe is a comparison shopping site in Malaysia which operates purely to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions! When I first visit the website, I'm surprised that it has such comprehensive lists of products and respective prices among online retailers. Popular products available for comparison include a wide range of household electronics, computers and even health and beauty items for the ladies! 

The website is very easy to use, especially when each category is subdivided into brands.

For instance, I love browsing through PriceMe to find out more about a particular gadget by reading user reviews, and the right price from a trusted online store. Now you don't need to walk the whole mall to compare prices, because it can be done easily in just one click away! 

I have been eyeing on Casio Exilim EX-TR50, the magical beauty camera and the price can go as high as RM4085! Look at the huge price difference, I could have saved a fortune from there!

I am glad that comparing prices using PriceMe become so effortless nowadays.
Okay, gotta go and do some research on my next online purchase now! Bye! 

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