10 April, 2016

Review: Ready-to-Drink Grand Imperial Bird's Nest

I am not sure why Chinese usually has this tradition of enjoying bird’s nest with the family. Well, it might not be all but at least my family practises this since my childhood days. Gone are those days when my Mom slow-cooked the dried bird’s nest with rock sugar for long hours, before we savoured them as our “dessert” after meal.


Now we have something more convenient that fits perfectly well into our hectic lifestyle without neglecting our health. Since Parents' Day is around the corner, it’s time to repay the gratitude to the family and I have decided to try Grand Imperial Bird Nest

The elegant package comes in 3 bottles of bird's nest instant drinks, ermetically sealed with vacuum technology and hygienically sterilised by heat treatment process. Totally 100% natural, and free from artificial preservatives, colouring or flavourings.

The content? 35% Bird's Nest, and 65% American Ginseng, Rock Sugar Solution and Purified Water.

Grand Imperial Bird Nest uses only bird's nests that have been carefully harvested and is manufactured using advanced technology in a GMP and HACCP certifed facility. Plus, it is religion-friendly, with the Halal certification for all its products. 

Honestly I am surprised that 35% bird's nest content is actually so concentrated! Unlike many canned bird's nest drinks, Grand Imperial's one is well loaded with chunks of bird's nest, and complemented with aromatic American ginseng slices. 

Not only that, the original flavour and nutrients of the traditionally prepared bird's nest are also retained within the bottle. The rock sugar solution is pleasantly mild, almost not sweet at all. Absolutely healthy for both young and old!

Do you know that bird's nest is rich in protein and nutrients, hence ideal to promote a radiant complexion and good inner health? However, the nutrients cannot be fully absorbed when our stomach is already filled. So remember to consume it before meals ya! 

Personally, I prefer the ready-to-drink series as it is more convenient and can be taken cold or at room temperature, anytime anywhere I want.

But if you want to customize your bird's nest drinks with additional goji berry, red dates or other ingredients, then you can always opt for the vacuum-packed dried bird's nest from Grand Imperial Bird Nest and slow-boil it at home. 

Overall, I personally find that Grand Imperial Bird's Nest is an ideal gift to pamper your parents
during this upcoming Mother's / Father's Day. It is equally great as corporate gift too!

For more info, do contact the Hotline: +6012-6309938 / +603-33621938 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm) or visit Grand Imperial Bird's Nest at:
Website: www.grandimperialbirdsnest.my

GIBN Holdings Sdn Bhd
No.18, Jalan Setia Dagang AK,
U13/AK, Seksyen U13, Setia Alam,
40710 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Email: grandimperialbirdnest@gmail.com

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