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09 April, 2016

Dim Sum Brunch (Ala Carte) @ Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC

After my Chinese New Year celebration at Pullman KLCC, I am back to Tai Zi Heen for a series of new ala carte dim sum items, specially created by Chef Jeffrey Kwan, combining the traditional flavours of Cantonese favourites and the creative touches of modern elements. 

The ala carte dim sum menu is pretty extensive, covering all the usual dim sum suspects such as baked, steamed and fried items, as well as congee, rice rolls and Chinese sweets. Currently available only on weekdays lunch, a dim sum affair here is ideal for business meetings as well as casual gatherings with friends and family. 

Squid Ink Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Sole

To begin with, we sample 3 different types of steamed dumplings and my personal pick goes to the traditional "Har Gao"-- crunchy shrimp dumplings with an added twist of flavour as the filling is complemented with abalone pieces. 

The skins for the squid ink and jade dumplings are slightly thicker and hence chewier, whereas the shrimp dumpling skin is steamed to soft perfection, just the way I like it to be. The filling? Moist, sweet and crunchy.

Steamed Dumplings filled with Shrimp and Abalone

Steamed Jade Dumplings with Dried Scallops, Mushrooms, Prawns and Chicken

Steamed Bean Curd Rolls with Fish Maw, Mushroom, Asparagus and Chicken

As for the other popular items such as steamed bean curd rolls, each roll is added with a luxurious touch as we can taste the crunchy texture of fish maw from within. The overall combination is fresh and tummy-comforting.

Rice Rolls filled with Crispy Rice Skin-wrapped Prawns and Osmanthus

I usually love my "Chee Cheong Fun" to have a thin outer layer that is strong enough to "hold" the generous filling in it, without breaking into a mess as I reach for the piece using my chopsticks. Although the rice roll here is slightly thicker, but nevertheless the texture is pretty soft and well-flavoured with the soy sauce base.

Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Mushrooms

If you prefer something heavier, then I'd recommend the "Lor Mai Gai" here, probably one of the best I've ever had. Fragrant, moist, not overly greasy and every grain of rice is well-flavoured too.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Mango and Prawns

Moving on to the deep-fried dim sum, the fruity spring roll is one of the most loved items among us as it exudes an interesting flavour of sweet mango and fresh prawns. Surprisingly refreshing and ot does not feel heavy at all although it is deep-fried. 

Pan-fried Crispy Pancake filled with Prawns and Foie Gras

Pastry lovers will enjoy this tart-like dim sum because of its crisp outer perfection.
But it will definitely taste better if both its puff layer and filling can be more moist.

Deep-fried Mini Buns filled with Peppermint Custard Paste

When I hear that the next item is a deep-fried bun filled with gooey green peppermint custard, I think not many can be as creative as the dim sum chef here. I enjoy the sweet, savoury and lightly minty flavour, although some may find it weird. Recommended for those with adventurous taste buds!

Let the minty custard melts in the mouth and enjoy the sweetness that follows on the palate; Simply delicious!

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Sweet Longan and Osmanthus

As the finale of our exquisite dim sum affair at Tai Zi Heen, we are then treated with a bowl of aromatic lemongrass jelly to soothe the palate, and sweet pieces of blueberry dessert that remind me of the festive mooncake.  

Layer Snow Skin Fillet with Blueberry Paste


Thank you Chef Jeffrey Kwan for the delicious treat!

Diners are advised to make advanced booking to avoid disappointments as this restaurant is quite packed especially during lunch and dinner hours. Private rooms are available for large group diners without any additional charges, whereas smaller groups can dine at the cozy dining hall. 

1. A great place for creative dim sums that give different surprises from time to time. 
2. Ambiance wise, the warm and cosy setting is perfect for us to spend long hours enjoying our dim sum while sipping on hot Chinese tea.
3. Recommended: Steamed Dumplings with Shrimp and Abalone, Vietnamese Mango Spring Rolls, Deep-fried Peppermint Custard Buns

Tai Zi Heen (太子轩)
Level 2
Pullman KLCC Hotel and Residences
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2170 8888
Instagram: @PullmanKLCC

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