11 April, 2016

Enjoy FREE Soup & Drinks from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Malaysia - Happy 22nd Birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) Malaysia! I still remember my very first mid-casual dining experience when I was a kid, was the delicious roasted chicken meal with KRR. Can't believe it has been a good 22 years journey for the brand, and now it remains as a popular dining restaurant among families.

In celebration of the restaurant’s 22nd year in Malaysia, KRR is rewarding us with some tasty treats. Just dine in at any KRR restaurant across Malaysia, purchase any main meal and get a FREE Country-style Chicken Soup and Iced Lemon Tea from 4 April till 29 May 2016!

To redeem the offer, you are requested to present your Facebook post share, vouchers, e-vouchers, newspaper cut-outs or present the SMS upon placing your order at the restaurant.

eVoucher can be found at the end of this post!

[Complimentary] Country-Style Chicken Soup

Nothing beats the enjoyment of kickstarting the meal with a warm, hearty bowl of chicken soup
with delicious rotisserie-roasted chicken chunks and crunchy croutons.

[Complimentary] Iced Lemon Tea

RED Hot Meal

To enjoy the above soup and drink, you can choose from a wide variety of Main Meals from the menu ranging from the No.1 signature Kenny's Quarter Meal to the lighter options such as Pasta Meal and Chicken Salad Meal.

As for me, I choose the RED Hot Meal (What a quirky name!) which comprises of Roasted 1/4 Chicken with Coleslaw, Mashed Potato and Gravy, BBQ Baked Beans and 1 Kenny's Home-made Muffin. Totally a wholesome and well-balanced meal that I can always enjoy anytime I want!

It is the irresistible and succulent rotisserie-roasted chicken that keeps me going for more!

Kenny's Quarter Meal
Roasted 1/4 Chicken with 3 Side Dishes

Another bestselling item is their signature Quarter Meal where you can enjoy the goodness of rotisserie-roasted chicken with aromatic black pepper sauce, complemented with a wide variety of hot and cold side dishes of your choice.

Kenny's Chicken and Pasta Meal
Roasted 1/4 Chicken with Spaghetti (Beef Bolognaise/ Tangy Chicken/ 
Cheezy Chicken/ Marinara Chicken), 1 side dish and 1 Kenny's Homemade Muffin.

Kenny's Chicken and Garden Meal 

For the health conscious, you may opt for this healthy combination of the famous rotisserie-roasted 1/4 Chicken, Aromatic Rice, Kenny's Homemade Muffin and choice of Caesar Supreme Salad or Classic Garden Salad.

Not forgetting to mention the complimentary Soup and Iced Lemon Tea that completes your meal! 

All the main meals come in really huge portion and an equally sizeable Quarter Chicken!

At the heart of every great roast chicken is a great marinade. I love how amazing the flavour of the tender chicken is! All thanks to the signature blend of lemon, ginger, sage and oregano marinade.  

Lastly, we end our meal with the popular Kenny's Home-made Muffins, which come in 3 flavours: Golden Vanilla, Banana Raisin and Chocolate Raisin. Each is so soft especially when served warm, and does not taste overly sweet for my liking.

This special promotion of buying any Main Meal and getting Soup and Iced Lemon Tea for FREE is available across all KRR restaurants ya! And did I forget to mention, KRR will also contribute Kenny’s Quarter Lite Meal for every 22 Likes received on their Facebook post, to selected charitable organisations. 

So let's spread the joy, LIKE KRR Facebook post and help the less fortunate ones!

Flash the above voucher to enjoy FREE Iced Lemon Tea and Soup from KRR!
You can also download the voucher at the link below:
*Voucher is valid from 4 April till 29 May 2016.

For more info about Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact +603-2119 9888 or visit
Website: www.krr.com.my
Instagram: @KRRMalaysia


  1. Oh! so long never visit Kenny Rogers. The meal look delicious too.I love their original muffin.

  2. wow long time no go there to eat. Missed KRR alot and hope to go dine soon.

  3. sedapnya masa zaman tanpa gst I selalu gak makan kenny rogers dulu makan rm50 la sekarang makan almost rm80 !!!

  4. Have not had KR in ages! Time to pay them a visit hehe.

  5. Nice~ I love their muffin and mash potato a lot! =D

  6. Kenny Rogers Roasters is 22 years old! Wah, so long already!

  7. they have the best muffin on earth, and my oh my such a good deal! more reasons to walk into KRR!

  8. loving your photos.. KRR is one of my favourite places too for a nice roast chicken or macaroni and cheese...

  9. It has been 22 Years already? It was one my favorite places for chicken wing and their macaroni cheese! After reading your post make me miss their food already ><

  10. Always eat kenny roger chicken with a carefree heart due to its healthiness.
    Nice photos you have there.:)

  11. all the food look so tempting, the chicken soup makes me drool hehe!

  12. Arghhh!!!! the food look delicious!!!

  13. kenny rogers! hmm, to me i used to love them compared to their competitor. But recently they have become a tad too pricey for me. I mean, even the drinks are not included in their set meals :(

  14. Wow, free soup and drink somemore. Then have to go for lunch at KRR. Wohoo.

  15. Yes! I like the free soup and iced lemon tea also.


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