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16 March, 2017

Review: Apple Fibre Plus & Apple Lotion for Effective Weightloss

Hi babes! Have you been working out lately? I regretted my back-to-back parties and trips for the past few months that made me gained another 5kg on top of the 5kg that I wanted to lose. Great, so now it's a whole 10kg (About 22 pounds!! FML) that I need to get rid of. My first thought is, how is that possible?! How long would it take?! *cries*

I seriously cannot gain weight anymore, otherwise I'd be obese :( To be honest, obesity is common among Malaysians. I found that 18% of Malaysians are overweight, meaning that almost every 1 out of 5 persons in the country has issues with obesity. Does it sound creepy? To me, it certainly does!

Achieving an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) is not an easy journey and it takes a lot of disciplines. Nevertheless, we should start a healthy lifestyle from now, and keep ourselves away from chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gout and more.

Well, prevention is always better than cure. So I have decided to try the Apple Fibre Plus as part of my healthy weight loss regime apart from hitting the gym everyday. I am not sure if you have heard of this brand, but it has gained much popularity and positive feedback from customers since it first entered the market in October 2016.

It has sold over 15,000 bottles of Apple Fibre Plus to date! It is claimed as the solution for those who want to lose weight effectively after trying several methods but failed. As the brand owner loves trying and testing different natural ingredients that help in weight loss, the locally manufactured Apple Fibre Plus and Apple Lotion by MISG Global Solution are formulated using apple extracts and acai berries which have been approved by Ministry of Health and obtained HALAL certificate from JAKIM.

The overall combination of Citrus Limonum Fructose, Folium Cassia Angustifolia (more commonly known as Senna Leaves), Avena Sativa Semen, Malus Domestica Fructose, Plantago Ovata Semen, and Vitis Vinifera Semen ingredients are able to help:

             ❤ Improve the energy level
             ❤ Stabilise hormones
             ❤ Control body weight
             ❤ Reduce cholesterol level
             ❤ Eliminate toxin in the body
             ❤ Reduce asthma
             ❤ Prevent the formation of fat cells
             ❤ Control appetite
             ❤ Improve blood circulation

How to consume: 2 capsules a day (1 before breakfast, 1 before sleep)

Yes, just add it into your daily diet and take it like a supplement. Of course, don’t forget to drink at least 3 litres of water daily for an ideal weight loss progress. For those who have gastric, it is advisable to take some light meal before consuming the Apple Fibre Plus capsule.

As each bottle of Apple Fibre Plus contains 30 capsules, it can last you for 2 weeks. But it is best to consume for at least 1 month to better achieve your goal effectively. Result wise, I’d say it really depends on individuals. Some do intense workouts and control diets strictly while others don’t. 

So there are customers who can see visible result as early as 7 days by losing 5kg in just a week whereas some lose 10kg in a month. Generally speaking, the ideal result would be losing weight of 2kg to 10kg in one month.

Personal Experience
Look at the result I have gotten from my gym! I personally manage to lose 2kg in 2 weeks time,
with mostly body fat eliminated from the body, and at the same time not damaging my muscle mass.

I can see my way towards flatter tummy, less flabby arms, slimmer thighs and butts.

For better result, I also use the Apple Lotion, a body slimming cream to aid body firming and fat burning.

How to use: Massage the Apple Lotion around targeted areas
(e.g.: Belly, flabby arms, butts, etc) every night before bed.

The Apple Lotion works like a moisturizing cream that does not leave any oily residue onto skin. It is easily absorbed into the skin, as I can experience slight burning sensation around the fat area after using it. No worries, it does not cause any discomfort, just mildly warm. You can use the Apple Lotion as often as you want too.

If you are looking for a way towards slimmer and more attractive body figure + better overall health, this is the solution you need.

How much do the slimming products cost?
 ❤ Each bottle of Apple Fibre Plus contains 30 capsules and is priced at RM69.
 ❤ However, I have gotten this combo promotion at only RM110 for 3 bottles of Apple Fibre Plus and Apple Lotion (50g)!

You can purchase them online now via their website / Facebook. If you are interested in selling these products, the brand welcomes wholesalers to be the sales agent of Apple Fibre Plus and Apple Lotion.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact Mr. Mohd Azlan at +6011-10085976.
For individual customers, you can consult the team at:
Hotline: +6 018-9070583 (Wanda) / +6 016-3501993 (Fifi)

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  1. Omg babe you where got obese laaaa. I totally need this more than you. Come we go work out together k :)


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