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19 June, 2017

Claude Bernard Classic Swiss Watch Review

I love watches. I know not many girls do, but I personally enjoy splurging on watches. In this era of technology advancements, we have smartwatches that can count our daily activities, we have smartphones that can bring us to any time zone around the world... And the question is, why am I still very attracted to analog wristwatches?

Two reasons: (1) Style; and (2) More style. 

I love my wristwatch to be part of my fashion accessories that replaces the Pandora bracelet. Or a Tiffany & Co. bangle. Without a doubt, I would go for a gorgeously designed wristwatch and that explains the recent addition of my watch collection from Claude Bernard.

Claude Bernard Quartz Moon Phase Wristwatch
❤ Moon phase design
❤ 100% Swiss Made
❤ Bespoke hand-assembled quality
❤ Comes in pairs (28mm for her / 40mm for him)

When my Claude Bernard arrives at my doorstep as a surprise, I am delighted to see this minimal leather-strapped watch beautifully packaged in a leather box. This casual watch features a gold stainless-steel case and bold brown leather band that looks great for any occasion.

Claude Bernard: An Accessible Luxury
It is the combination of elegant simplicity, perfect fitting and relatively inexpensive price that make me attracted to Claude Bernard. It feels like a love at first sight. This watch has exactly the same design for men, so it would be perfect for gifting to your other half.

The Story of Claude Bernard
This is a story of a centuries-old brand in Switzerland since 1540. Armed with skills and craftsmanship, the Swiss fine watchmakers hand-assemble all the timepieces in Switzerland. The result? Every precision timepiece is full of surprises – filled with unique character and eye-catching style.

Today, Claude Bernard is one of the world’s most recognizable brands with the watches being available in over 50 countries. Very few Swiss watchmakers are capable of offering authentic Swiss-made timepieces at inexpensive prices, but Claude Bernard has built a reputation around doing precisely this.

My Claude Bernard is a one-style-fits-all timepiece that I fall in love with over and over again. From a business casual style to a Friday night-out style, my Claude Bernard fits right in and rarely looks out of place. 

Its classic, functional yet versatile design is everything I’m looking for.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Box and Packaging
I am not a picky watch buyer who would look into the details of the box. But this is a decent box to store the elegant watch. Inside the box, there’s a warranty card and a nice cushion for storing the watch when traveling.

Claude Bernard offers a 2-year worldwide warranty, so no worries wherever you are.

The durable, classy thin leather strap comes in a bold brown tone that matches our Asian skin tone. Same goes to the color of the detailed stitching. Most importantly, it wraps comfortably around the wrist. 

The gold buckle also matches the rest of the gold case and gold crown. Simple and well executed.

Case, Dial, and Crown
For the case of my watch, I always prefer gold, as it exudes more senses of luxury and elegance. Again, it fits both formal and casual occasions. The crown is proportionately right in size, not too small for me to pull it out to change the time.

This moon phase model comes in two sizes: 40mm for male and 28mm for female. Although I usually wear something bigger, about 36mm, but I am pretty comfortable to have this 28mm one on my wrist. That’s probably the reason why I prefer analog wristwatch. The slimmer design looks more feminine yet not too small to properly read.

In terms of thickness, the mere 7mm thickness never weighs your wrist down at the end of a long day.

Swiss Quartz Movement
If you are up for a practical, low-maintenance watch that is always accurate, a Swiss Quartz movement definitely promises for a better quality and precision.

50mm Water Resistance
This is nothing to shout about. Remember not to wear it for swimming; only fishing is fine.

Here comes the key - How much is Claude Bernard watch? Watches can be extremely inexpensive or exorbitantly costly. To me, it’s quality over cost – I am not a watch connoisseur but a decent good watch priced around RM1,208 (=USD280) is something I am willing to pay for the beautiful leather strap and minimalistic good looks.

Definitely an affordable luxury for all!

What’s my verdict?
I love analogs. Classics. Nothing too elaborated. Elegantly appealing yet beautifully casual. 
This is just the perfect watch in the way I want it.

Claude Bernard watches are available at:
Suria KLCC: 1st Floor
Pavilion KL: Level 3
Sunway Velocity Mall: G-16, Ground Floor

Suria KLCC: 3rd Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre: Level 1

Kompleks SOGO: 3D Fashion Arena

For further information and the full list of authorised watch retailers,
please call Crystal Time (M) Sdn Bhd at +603 2938 3938 or visit the website at

For more information about Claude Bernard, please visit:


  1. Classic Swiss Watch are with many other features which no other brand is offering. With this Classic Swiss Watch i don't need to have my phone with me all the time.


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