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24 November, 2017

Rideasy Malaysia's First Online Car Sharing Platform

Congratulations for the launch of, Malaysia’s first online car sharing service provider!

We are here today with Rideasy team to discover the latest platform to borrow a suitable car easily and to make money from renting out our own car. Whether you are a car owner or borrower, Rideasy is here to give you quick and easy solutions.

We have Rideasy’s CEO Nizran Kudus and his partner, Rizal Mukti with us during the launch to explain how Rideasy works. To be honest, it is something new for me and I am really excited to hear more about it!

Is your car sitting parked most of the time?
How wasteful it is to pay installment each month without using the car a lot right?
Time to earn some money by renting it out!

Established since August 2016, is a new, local enterprise that offers an user-friendly, secure and comprehensive online platform for users to share and borrow cars from others.

Let's see how Rideasy works...

Are you a car owner?
You can earn extra income to pay your car instalments now.

All you need is:
1) List your car on Rideasy, post some photos of it and fill in a calendar of when and where the car is available. Set your price and parameters.
2) Wait for notification when someone requests or books your car.
3) Confirm or decline the trip immediately, and contact the traveller if you have any questions.

Don't worry, all transactions will be contracted with a sharing agreement. Rideasy secures your car by providing 24/7 nationwide breakdown assistance and personal accident coverage via Allianz Insurance.

And you'll get 70-80% percent of the trip price, delivery fees and any additional mileage charges.
Sounds cool right?

Are you a car borrower?
Whether you need a vehicle for a short term or for a longer period of time, you can now enjoy driving your ideal car without being tied to any financial commitments of owning and maintaining a car.

All you need is:
1) Identify your needs (for travelling, moving bulky items, dating, etc)
2) Browse through website.
3) Choose from a wide variety of cars, such as sedans, MPVs, SUVs and high-end vehicles, all at an affordable price of up to 30% cheaper than normal market rates.

Also during the soft launch event, Rideasy’s CEO Nizran Kudus and his partner, Rizal Mukti, presented prizes to winners of their survey contest that was held throughout the month of September and October. The grand prize winner won an all-expense paid trip to Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, including a ride from Kuala Lumpur. How lucky she is!

Life is never boring anymore with different cars everyday!

For more information about Rideasy, please visit:
Or call 03-20119878 to speak to their customer service executives.

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  1. This is really a very interesting information you have shared. It's very informative for car owners and the one who are planning to buy.


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