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02 February, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipstick

New year, new pout color!  I am so excited to get my hands on these brand-new Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipsticks from Korea, not just one or two but ALL 12 of them! *yay* They have just landed in THE FACE SHOP's stores this January 2018, so you can check them out too.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet/Glossy Lipstick (1.8g) @
RM45 (including GST) each

You must be wondering why is it called "Flat"? It is a "flat square"-shaped stick type lip product that allows for easy contouring and achieving ultra-defined lines. It provides delicate, defining finish with its square bullet shape which prevents colors from feathering or 'bleeding'. That means we don't need a lip liner anymore!

Look at the "flat square" shape here, unlike your ordinary lippie!

5 Lip-loving Oils : Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil

Inspired by nature, the lipstick features 5 types of essential oils as the main ingredients for:
❤ Moisturisation (Argan Oil nourishes and hydrates lips, whereas Rosehip Oil keeps the lips smooth and soft), and
❤ Trouble relief (Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil soothe the cracked and sensitive lips).

12 Shades : Pick Your Favourite!

The lipstick is available in 12 vivid colors -- 6 velvety matte and 6 radiant glossy colors. Using a highly-pigmented formula, the lipstick delivers high-impact finish, filling the lips with brilliant color in just one touch.

6 Colors of Flat Velvet Lipstick
BE01 Solar Beige
PK01 Rose Pink
PK02 Be My Pink
RD01 London Red
RD02 Darjeeling Red
RD03 Cassis Red

Color Swatch
Thanks to the "Silicon Cross Polymer" technology, the Flat Velvet Lipstick feels weightless like an "oil gel" that easily fills up the lips (including fine lines). The finish? Creamy matte, long-lasting and natural.

Despite of the matte texture, the lips actually feel smooth and non-sticky. Goodbye wrinkly lips too!

6 Colors of Flat Glossy Lipstick
OR01 Punch Orange
CR01 Gemstone Coral
PK01 Lily Pink
PK02 Rococo Pink
RD01 New York Red
RD02 Berry Lip Red

Color Swatch
On the other hand, the Flat Glossy Lipstick uses the High Glossy Polymer Network technology that coats the lips evenly with ultra-shine and intense colour. Instead of the usual sticky glossy finish, THE FACE SHOP's version only gives shine and multi-dimensional finish to the lips.

Application wise, it glides more smoothly on the lips than the Flat Velvet Lipstick, hence it is much easier to apply. On top of that, I am glad that it does not dry up the lips too.

How To Use:
Turn the bottom dial to take out only about 3mm of the contents, then use the angled part to draw neatly along the lip line without smearing. Lie flat on the wide side and fill it with a rich color.

For an ultra-defined pout:

Step 1: Trace the outlines of your lips with the angled side of the lipstick.
Step 2: Fill in lips with the flat top, making sure to cover the lips evenly.

For Korean gradient lips:

Mix 2 colors in a single use -- 1 on the inner side, another on the outer side.
For Flat Velvet Lipstick, try BE01+RD01 or PK01+RD03 .

For ombre effect:

Or just use a single color on the inner part of the lips and blend outwards, avoiding the outer lip lines,
to create the Korean popular ombre lips.

Matte out or gloss up? The choice is yours!

Overall Verdict: 

Be it velvety or glossy finish, the vivid color payoff is achievable in just one stroke! Overall, I personally prefer the glossy type because it is easier to apply and gives a shiny finish. Recommended for those who don't like to use lip liner and prefer a sleek, portable and affordable lipstick.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipstick (RM45 inclusive of GST) comes in 6 flattering shades each. Available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets and e-store now.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: Click HERE


  1. So many colors to choose from!! I just loved their Matte collection.

  2. the gradient lips combination looks amazing on you!!!


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