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06 September, 2018

Where to Find Affordable, High Quality Winter Jackets

I have been hunting for winter jackets for my upcoming trip and I thought it'd be helpful to share about where to get really affordable and good quality ones. Recently I spotted plenty of winter jackets on ZAFUL.

 So let's see what are my top picks...

Hooded Quilted Winter Jacket in Warm White
(Direct link: HERE)

I have always loooooooooved quilted jacket, and now when I see one in my favourite white color, how can I resist that? It seems to fit snugly on a typical bodyframe and most importantly, it comes with a cute hoodie. So tempted to buy one!

Snap Button Faux Shearling Jacket in Pink Bubblegum
(Direct link: HERE)

Another style I like is the furry ones, I mean those with wool-like material that looks so comfy and warm around the body. Again, I can't say no to pastel, especially this pink bubblegum color. So cute! Fret not, if you prefer more mainstream colors such as brown or blue, there are many choices for you too.

Reversible Style Graphic Camouflage Padded Jacket in Deep Blue
(Direct link: HERE)

They also have something for those who prefer more manly look. I find this reversible camouflage jacket interesting because you can use it two ways - deep blue when you're feeling stylish, and graphic prints when you prefer more fun and colors. How cool is that!

Really, you gotta check out the other hundreds of designs yourselves for your favourite.

For more designs of winter jacket, feel free to CLICK HERE!

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