05 April, 2021

5 Tips to Planning a Getaway: Singapore

It's been a super long year of the COVID-19 pandemic and I bet everyone can't wait to get to travel again. We have seen some light on travelling now that the vaccine is accessible, so let's get our hopes slightly up by planning a short trip, or a weekend getaway, to local or nearby countries.

Singapore, the land of the Crazy Rich Asians, there's a lot of things to do and see here. Being so near to Malaysia, you just cannot miss paying a visit to this awesome island. The two things that pop to mind are Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studios! Who would want to miss a chance to have a whole lot of fun on a weekend break?

Tip #1: Know your destination
Do some research on the most important travel information on Singapore, such as:
1. Immigration entry points and required documents
2. Attractions & places to go
3. Hotel and accommodation
4. Currency exchange rate
5. How to get around in Singapore (MRT is the best option, hands down).

Tip #2: Set aside a budget
In any travel plans, it is crucial to set aside some budget or else you'll be spending money like you own the world. Once decided, it's easier for you to decide which hotel in Singapore to stay in and which places of attractions you'd want to go to. Do remember to allocate some for food and souvenirs.

I miss the Christmas vibes at Universal Studios!

Tip #3: Plan out activities
This is the most important part of the getaway, at least for me. What I usually do is make a list of all places I'd want to go and draft an itinerary.

1. Marina Bay
2. Gardens By the Bay
3. Merlion
4. Universal Studios
5. Sentosa Island

Since the top 2 on the list are practically in the same area, I might as well book a room at Marina Bay Sands. This hotel is an icon for Singapore, it will be wrong to not stay here. For the second night, maybe a change of hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. They offer rooms that come with a pass for Universal Studios which is within its vicinity.

Hotels in Singapore are easily booked online. I do most of my hotel bookings on Traveloka mobile app as it gives further discounts.

Tip #4: Pack your needs
During this pandemic, please be sure to pack extra face masks and hand sanitiser. For me, I always travel with a pack of Hansaplast (you never know when your shoes are going to betray you, or when you're gonna get a cut) and a small towel.

Since you've already listed your activities, it's easier to pack too. That new red bikini you bought at the beginning of the pandemic that's been keeping safe in the closet, for a dip in Marina Bay Sands famous pool. Your loyal pair of jeans to keep you safe. The classic Ray-Ban to shield your eyes from the hot sun, and pair it with sunscreen. Of course the most crucial is your phone charger, you'll need it to make sure your phone can last you the whole day for the amount of Insta-worthy photos you're going to take.

Tip #5: Prepare your mode of transportation

Decide on how you want to enter Singapore and get around while you're there. You can drive, but make sure you know the rules of the road (parking fees, toll, etc). You can also leave your car in Johor Bahru and take a bus or taxi into Singapore. Consider your parking options and fees before making a decision.

Either way, before you start your journey, please check your tyres, fuel and safety belts. Staying safe is the coolest.

Anyway, hope you have fun travelling and enjoy the great experience in Singapore!

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