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12 September, 2023

4 Reasons Why Vintage Rugs Make a Great Choice

Plain carpets, hardwood, marble, and other popular flooring styles are great and all, but they can feel a little bare without a well-placed rug. Although there are thousands of mass-produced rugs in mainstream UK stores like Home Sense and Asda Living, they simply don’t have a long shelf-life unless you’re willing to spend a fortune. However, you can reduce the cost and have a long-lasting rug by getting your hands on a vintage rug, which you’ll be able to pass down for generations to come.

Plenty of Versatility

Vintage rugs have unique patterns that merge excellently with so many different styles of interior design. In general, the best types of vintage rugs have a neutral tone with well-placed bursts of colour - like the Heriz geometric design. If you start your design process by choosing a rug, you’ve got a ready-made colour palette that you can use for the rest of the room. Take the pops of colour and repeat them with throw blankets, accessories, artwork, and pillows.

They Can Last a Lifetime

Modern rugs aren’t made to the same standard as they used to be, which likely has something to do with the shift in manufacturing. Instead of being manufactured by machines, hand knotted vintage rugs like those from That Rebel House are made with care and take time. Because of the unique techniques used to make vintage rugs, they will last forever if cared for properly. Although they will fade and show a few signs of use, they only add to the appeal of the rug. Even though some wear and tear is good, we recommend rotating the rug regularly to make sure markings are spread evenly.

The Patterns Look Fresh

Some people have a misconception that a “vintage” or “antique” label means something must look terribly outdated, but this simply isn’t true. There are so many different styles of vintage rugs they speak to modern furniture and fixtures perfectly. If you need a little inspiration, take a look at the following popular vintage rug styles:

● Kilim rugs: Woven rugs that are easily identified by bold colours and designs.
● Bakhtiari rugs: Traditionally woven for Persian tribes, these rugs use assortments of bold colours to create stunning patterns.
● Heriz rugs: From the Heriz region of Iran, these rugs take from a different colour palette and are favoured because of their durability.
● Kashan rugs: Using medallion-and-corner patterns, these rugs are instantly recognisable.

They Require Little Maintenance

A good vintage living room rug will easily cope with heavy traffic because the intricate patterns let dirt blend in. Additionally, as though many vintage rugs are made with wool, they’re super easy to get clean. However, if you tend to use chemical products for cleaning, keep them away from your rug to avoid causing irreversible damage.

A vintage rug will last for a long time and has the power to bring any room together, and it makes a fantastic scaffold for allocating colour through the rest of the room.

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