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12 June, 2024

[TRAVEL] 5D4N Shanghai Itinerary - Exploring the City & Water Town!

Hello from Shanghai, China!  It is my first time spending a week in China, after hearing so many good things about this country in terms of the cutting-edge technology and enormous architecture that wows the world.

If you plan to visit China for the first time, I think Shanghai would be a perfect start. Having only a short visit to Shenzhen when I was 9, I barely have any memories about China in general. I have always been wanting to visit Shanghai and I am glad that I finally made this trip because the city is way more impressive than I thought.

Being the most populous city (a whopping 29 million people live here!) of the country, the city is so vibrant, futuristic (being modern alone is an understatement) and full of excitements. Personally, I’d think a 8D7N trip covering Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou would be ideal. But due to time constraint, I can only do a 5D4N trip focusing on Shanghai alone.

But hey the 5D4N spent in Shanghai is nothing short of fun and adventure. Here’s the itinerary for 5D4N (not including Shanghai Disneyland – please allocate an additional day if you plan to visit the Disneyland).

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5D4N Shanghai Itinerary
Day 0
- Flight - SIN-PVG via China Eastern airline
- Hotel check-in @ 上海人民广场全季酒店 
- Supper @ 半酌烧烤小酒馆 

Day 1
1. 南京路步行街 Nanjing Pedestrian Street
- Breakfast @ 萊萊小籠
- 邵萬生 
- 沈大成 糕点  
- Lunch @ 上揚府 (淮揚菜) 
- 上海第一食品商店
- 新世界大丸百货

2. 豫園 Yuyuan Garden
- 豫園商城 / 豫園老街 
- 城隍廟
- 哈茶福

3. 外灘觀景步道 The Bund
- Dinner @ 鮮得來 @ 云南南路百年美食一條街

Day 2
1. 朱家角水乡 Zhujiajiao Water Town
- Breakfast @ Drunk Baker
- 大清邮局 Qing Dynasty Post Office
- 阿婆茶楼
- 放生桥
- 课植园
- 圆津禅院
- Lunch @ 小杨生煎

2. 靜安寺 Jingan Temple area
- 靜安寺
- 百丘 Pain Chaud
- Dinner @ 人和馆  

Day 3
1. 陸家嘴 Lujiazhui City Walk
- Breakfast @ 老上海双档
- Ferry ride to cross 橫渡黃浦江
- 陸家嘴 三件套City Walk
- 上海环球金融中心(Shanghai World Financial Center)
- 上海金茂大厦(Jinmao Tower)
- 上海中心大厦(Shanghai Tower)"
- 方塊咖啡 Coffee Cube x Merakicoffee  
- 迪士尼旗艦店 
- Lunch @ 桂满陇 
- 52樓朵雲書院

2. 濱江大道 North Bund Riverside
- Dinner @ 蟹江南•蟹黄面 

Day 4
1. 武康路 Wukang Area
- Breakfast @ 小桃园
- 武康大樓 
- 酷矿手作霜淇淋 Corner Cone Gelato   
- 宋庆龄故居 Soong Ching Ling's Former Residence
- Birdie Cup Coffee @ 武康路
- Fontaine

2. 思南路 Sinan Area
- Lunch @ 阿娘面馆
- 思南公館
- Sinan Books Poetry Store 
- 思南露天博物馆 Sinan Open Air Museum
- Dinner @ 紐約貝果博物館 New York Bagelous Museum
- 安福路
- 新天地

3. 人民广场 People's Square Area
- Dinner @ 裕興記
- Cocktail @ 1989 Bar (人民广场店)

Day 5
- Breakfast @ 星巴克臻选 上海烘焙工坊
- Lunch @ 新白鹿 (南京东路店)
- Hotel check-out @ 上海人民广场全季酒店
- Flight - PVG-SIN via China Eastern airline
❤ ❤ 
Flight (both ways)
中国东方航空 China Eastern Airline

I have a few options on hand – Singapore Airlines, China Air and China Eastern – but I go for the latter after comparing the prices. It is a pretty comfortable 5.5-hour flight from Singapore to Pudong International Airport, fully equipped with entertainment, blanket, decent meal and the local Tsingtao beer. The flight experience definitely exceeds my expectation for the price paid for.

The only downside of the flight is probably the arrival time, which is 10+ pm where the Shanghai Maglev and train services are no longer available. So I hop onto a cab and head straight to the hotel (the journey is approximately 1 hour).

Accommodation / Hotel
上海人民广场全季酒店 Ji Hotel Shanghai People's Square
(Hotel check in at Level 9)

Accommodation options are aplenty in Shanghai, widely ranging from an affordable $80 to various luxurious options that can go up to thousands. 

Ji Hotel is a very popular hotel chain in town – there is a Ji Hotel tucked along every other row of shop in the city centre – and the price is incredible for a comfortable 172sqft room. I opt for Ji Hotel People’s Square (上海人民广场全季酒店) which is just a stone throw away from the famous Nanjing Pedestrian shopping street. 

The location is amazing, cleanliness is great, service is impeccable – I have no complaints at all. Highly recommended for those who are on budget but want to stay comfortably in a private space.


Interestingly, there is a late night drinking spot right at the ground floor of the hotel where I have a really great time tucking into the China’s famous grilled skewers and beer. The vibes here are super on point – funky decors fill up the space, full-house crowd during weekends. 

Travelling in China is made smoother by having these apps installed into your device - e-sim (I use Nomad), Gaode Map (高德地图), DianPing (大众点评) and TaoBao (淘宝). 

As Google Maps does not work well in China without VPN, GaoDe Map comes in handy for navigation. The taxi booking function works seamlessly in this app too - all you need is a local Chinese mobile number, and you can go anywhere without hassle. DianPing, on the other hand, is great to search for recommendations / reviews of restaurants and tourist attractions. 

TaoBao, on the other hand, is my favourite shopping platform while in China. Just place your orders using your hotel address, inform the hotel receptionist and you'll receive your shopping haul swiftly. 

Can’t wait to share with you my travel diary for the following days.
Stay tuned for the next update!

❤ ❤ 

- FiSh | Shanghai | Spring 2024 -

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