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06 April, 2008

04 06 2008~ 美好的一天

One month passed just in a blink of eyes. There were arguments, misunderstandings, blues, and so on.. But there will not be that much anymore in future, I hope. One month might be a short period to be said, but I suppose it is full of happiness, excitements and sweetness as well. Anyway I do wish that it will be more than just one month in future… perhaps one year? One decade? One century? One millennium? Etc..

So today is a beautiful Sunday. I bet when someone is in a good mood, everything in front of he or she is always beautiful and in a good condition. Haha, and vice versa of course. During Accounts class today, we ‘climbed’ to the 4th floor, seems tiring and slower than snails because there was a terrible jam along the staircase. =.= Once I reached the 4A class, Mr. S suddenly approached me and said there was no more place in the class. Seems like there were many new students again today. But I don’t even know this guy worh, why would he suddenly talk to me = =. So I just answered him spontaneously with a dumb joke, and sat on the second last row of chairs. Then suddenly he walked towards me again, saying that there were seats in front because some people went into the wrong class. And bla bla…he chatted with me awhile, I was giving him an OmG-why-this-stranger-suddenly-talks-to-me look. So finally we sat at the first row, and suddenly there was a soft sound, ‘eiii eiii eiii’… I turned and there was a girl from few rows behind me, calling me to ask if I could lend her my Journal, Cash and Ledger book. I gave her and sat back again… At the end of the class, Miss MY called me and borrowed my books back home. = = hope she will keep her promise and return it back to me next week. Then she chatted with me, and I got to know that her name is MY. After 3 hours in the tuition center, I felt tired and went home. What day is today until I was approached by so many strangers at once, hahaz… I tuitioned here for 2 years already and this is the very first time of my experience seeing people here to be so friendly… >.< Usually all of them are kinda nosey all the while.. =X =X

{{{From a psychology book, it states so}}}
Those who believe in miracles when it comes to matters of the heart may believe that there is a perfect mate chosen for each of us waiting to be discovered somewhere in the world.
But if this is true, the far greater miracle is the frequency with which fate conspires to place this person within walking distance.

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