07 April, 2008

04 07 2008~

It’s the 13rd SMKBBSP Sports Day again. So my basic job is just like usual --- photographing… I thought I was lucky for being in Group A, so that I could rest right after snapping those bloody VIPs giving speeches and the marches. Early in the morning she has got my phone number as she is in charge of photography on this event. Just in case anything happens, she can contact me easily. I understand and thus I did given her my number. But in a few hours time, she called me up so many times when I was sitting right the end of the stadium with them. Weiii I was relaxing, that’s why I sat that far, but why must she made me climbed up and down just because of that unimportant photos? *sigh* feeling really tired today, and don’t feel like going to school tomorrow. Many ex-Form5s came to the stadium today, and I getta chat with them awhile… so nothing much special anyway.. And unluckily there were many thefts today, and my friends were some of the victims. I don’t know why people love doing this, but perhaps that’s the culture of the students of our school anyway. Hope they will get back what they need soon. God bless you, CK and Mei Mei… CK, don’t get so fucked up, it’s that food monster’s fault anyway… I will always support you…

{{{ You’re irreplaceable~ }}}
When you find that certain someone
Who makes you feel complete…
The world is much more beautiful
And there is no such thing as defeat
Your love is generously returned when given
With gentle thoughtfulness and compassion
Always thinking of the other person first
Love is never withheld or stingy rationed

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