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17 June, 2008

Reached home at 4pm again today =.=
Just finished walking around to collect afternoon’s session class & club photos. I think I have learnt a lot today --- that there are really many kinds of people walking on this round Earth. Some are so rough and sounds almost uneducated =X =X. LOL and I met a girl --- a class monitor who hadn’t finish collecting money from her classmates and she just simply cut off their names without even looking at it so that the amount of money she had with her is same as the amount of photo booked. =.= how ridiculous to simply cut their names off…aiks… I told her that I am not going to be responsible in it if her classmates ask why don’t they get their photos, and she sounds so selamba and answered me, “yea lah, they won’t find you wan”… LOL =X so it’s not my fault after all. I told Ying and Amy, see if they will take any action guaaa… I didn’t know why, but I was actually quite happy walking around to collect stuff with Mhunyee =D..LoL

Then… during school time, I shouldn’t have let her seen me =.=” Once she saw me, she asked me to walk around just to help her finding my two friends. I didn’t know where they were and I thought maybe they were in Editorial Room or library. However I couldn’t find them, she waited there for me to inform her where they were. Who does she think she is? I mean I should do tasks for her, but I don’t think that’s the right way of her for being so demanding. Fine, I couldn’t find them, and she just said “Nevermind, I can meet them later”. =.= if that’s so, then why on Earth does she need to call me around as if there is an urgent thing to talk about.. I hate her. In class, I know she doesn’t like me, I mean she likes slicing people with her sharp words… And I hated the way she called me in class =X =X I seriously don’t need to do anything for her. If others need my help, I will try my best, but not to her. Obviously not at all.

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