16 June, 2008

I hate 16th of June 2008 =X
What an unlucky day it was..
When the school almost ended, it rained heavily =.=
I didn’t bring any umbrella along, so how was I going to go home?
My friend suggested me to call up my mum to bring me an umbrella but I think not to do so because she would scold me for that. So finally I walked under the rain =.=
Alone, it’s not any romantic walk..duh =.= LOL
When I was on the way home I was already all wet, hence I asked help from my friend’s mum =X I went to her house, asking for a small umbrella. Thanks God that she had found all for me, and hence I reached home safely, thou’ I was already wet =.=
Fine, when I reached home, Mum kept mumbling again bout yesterday’s stuff..
I knew I was wrong yesterday for being so childish but was it all my fault? I was freaking moody that time, I knew.. and that offended all of you…
I don’t care bout it anymore, and I know that Mum will keep mentioning it for times today =.= even I had listened to her ‘talk’ for thrice today, and I have had enough. Please.

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