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31 July, 2008

07 31 2008~

Happy Belated Birthday, Boon Pin…

Right after school, we lied to him that we were going for meeting, but actually we went to buy him a cake. The weather these days is hot, and we even walked to Baker’s Apprentice, Bee’s, The Store and King’s to check around the price and then get him *this =D. The others ,like SookKuan, YeeWen, SzuWah, ChinThong and KarHerng purposely went there a bit late than us, so that we could get the place ready for him xD. Surprisingly, we reached KFC even earlier than them =.=” where had they been? Haha, they said that they were coming… We went up although we didn’t order anything yet, and set the entire place nicely to welcome them xD.

The birthday boy paid for the meal, and I accidentally picked up the receipt that he left on the floor and I knew that the amount wasn’t small after all =X =X LOL. So… we talk, talk, talk, eat, eat, eat, play, play, play and took pictures! Hehes… But didn’t get to take group pictures because nobody was there to snap for us =.=”

Anyway, thanks Boon Pin for the meal =D and Sook Kuan for being the photographer =D

The American Chocolate~

文彬,你又老一岁了~ xD

Lalala~ xD

Haha ^^

Kumkeiyan Fongszehui Cheongyanhui


It’s Librarian Camp tomorrow =D. Keiyan said that she might not be going to school tomorrow so that she can have enough sleep/time to prepare for the camp? Aww… I am feeling excited over it xD, but still abit worried about the game I planned. I really don’t know if it could really works =’( Plus, it is held from 12 to 2 midnight, I feel bit scared to walk around alone at that time =X =X. I still haven’t decide which pants to wear, because that *duck [quackquack] will be coming, and Teacher doesn’t allow us to even wear three-quarter pants… =.=” should I clip my hair like an Aunty even during the camp, with the presence of *duck?

After the camp, it will be Sunday, a day of tuition in the morning and taking family photos for Sis’ Convo at night. Aww… Then it will be Monday--- a day of BM Oral [do I really have enough time to prepare?] and a bad day for Chemistry Diagnostic Test. Why on Earth do we need to have that test? For sure, I have no time to revise isn’t it? =.=”

*{{{ 谢谢你的爱。
The blog will not be updated until next Sunday or Monday =D

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